Lost and Found

A girl got kidnapped but she doesnt know that she was taken and her parents are Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Tomlinson and missing in 14 years. Will they find her or she find out herself. I hope you liked it!


7. Welcome Home!!!!!!

We got out of the car getting my stuff out of the car nervous feelings are coming, we started to walk toward to the flat. Soon, dad knock on the door. A man who open the door with curly hair lad smiling, I hurried hide behind Dad's legs I think I him chuckling because of my reaction.
Hey, Harry! I guess his name is Harry
Hey, Louis who is this young lady? He asked my dad who I was.
Do you even know what happen in 14 years? Harry started to think what happen 14 years. Gosh, Will he hurry up! I was getting in a hurry.
Yes, I was there. He was still confused.
This is Jessica that we lost in 14 years! Unless someone explained, its getting cold outside, Dad knew it that its getting cold out here so we let inside I was still behind dad's legs.
You found her!! Who kidnapped her?
The polices did that she told them and it was Taylor Leah Johnson.
How she found it out herself? He wasn't unsure how I knew my real parents in the first place.
I wonder to know too? They both started to look at me like I am crazy look, but I smiled at them pretend that nothing happen. While, I heard everyone conversation died and all of them looked at me. I got scared first, but dad came down my level and whisper something.
Dad said,'' Don't get scared sweetie, they're your family. I nodded and came out everyone smiled at me I smiled at back.
Hey, everyone I went to the Polices Station and they found Jessica and The kidnapper in jailed, '' Dad said. Everyone cheered.
Jessica? Some woman came out in the kitchen I think. I squeezed Dad's hand and told me that was my mother. I smiled and my mother ran to me hugged me tight really tight.
Mummy.... I.... can't..... breath. She to laugh and let go of me and ran to my luggage and pull out my inhaler suck it though my mouth.
''I'm sorry, but I am happy that you're found and then pray that you're back in are arms. I love you baby girl,'' mum said and started to cry.
''I love you too mummy!'' I hugged her with a smile on my face.
Dad,'' Hey, baby girl I like you to meet the lads! The blond one that's your Uncle Niall, the black one that's you Uncle Zayn, the brown one that's your Uncle Liam, and you already knew your Uncle Harry! I smiled at them and waved they waved back at me. He continued,'' The left that's Auntie Dani, the middle that's Auntie Amy, the right that's Auntie Perries, and the side of her is Auntie Tiffany. Their kids are Lilly Horan, Mitchell Malik, Bella Payne, the other is...
Darcy!'' I cut Dad off. Everyone looked confused that I already knew her.
''Jessica, how you knew her?'' mum said.
I met her at Starbucks when I accidentally bump to her,'' I said.
Darcy, Why you say anything to us that you found her?'' Uncle Harry in a mad way
I try, but never listen to me when I tell you something,'' Darcy was getting little bit mad now.
Well, I am sorry that I didn't listened to you,'' He apologized.
Its okay!
Uncle Niall,'' Kay so lets watch a movies and eat. Everyone started to laugh at him.
I think I am going to like this family more often....


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