Lost and Found

A girl got kidnapped but she doesnt know that she was taken and her parents are Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Tomlinson and missing in 14 years. Will they find her or she find out herself. I hope you liked it!


16. Save A Life!!!


Lilly Prov
Ouch!! I think my right arm is broken and I think I hit my head on the concrete so the question is where am I? Then, I remember everything that happen running behind Jessica, I was the middle of the road, then, the car coming toward to me I could get hit, but Jessica push me out the way. That remind me is Jessica when I saw limp body in the middle of the road it was Jessica's. I ran to her and saw blood all over her clothes and face and also bruises. I cried because its all my fault that she got hit it could of be me, but she save my life, I pull out my phone and dial 999(that how UK used it to call 911).
(Lilly is green/Police is Blue)
P:Hello this is an Emergency what may I help you?
L:Yess... My.. cousin got hit by.. car.

Okay. Stay where you at and I'll call the ambulances.
Okay!! I started to cry seeing my best friend got because me.
Excuses me ma'am I want you stay clam and they on their way. Are you hurt too about any of the chances?
Yes, ma'am.
Okay, I will let them know. Now, stay on the lines so when they get there.
Okay, thank you so much.
No problem!!
Meanwhile, The ambulances were here also the polices the people was getting Jessica to the car, one woman was helping with my arm and my head too. I didn't I broken my arm and my head was bleeding just a little nothing bad really. They told I can with Jessica at hospitable. Dang, Jessica just came here about a month and this is just happen already the drama and the accident this all my fault................ 

Louis Prov
I can not believe that I just hit my own daughter what's wrong with me and now Clover is with her this is all my fault. Why, can believe her? She's my daughter. Right now, I am in the kitchen with the lads while, the ladies is in the living room and the girls is the other room watching a movie. Eleanor is sad/furious at me that I hit Jessica and run off. I hope she come back and be save.
'' Louis its okay she will come back,'' Liam said I know they trying calm me down, but it won't work. '' How, in the world she come back I hit her and think she terrified to come back remember about her past?'' Liam signs loudly. '' Louis, she will because my daughter is out there too and helping getting Jessica home safely,'' Niall said giving me a weak smile. '' We all here for you mat- Zayn said while my phone and also Niall's phone cut him off.
(Louis is red/Doctor is purple)
Hello.. is this Louis William Tomlinson?
Yes.. this is him. And who's this?
My name is Doctor Jefferson... I am form that Jessica Louise Tomlinson gotten hit by a car and she is put in surgery and if she out we had to put her in a coma. I down in tears my baby girl got hit by car it my fault, but how?
Thank you! Dr. Jefferson how she got hit,'' I said terrified.
I don't know really sir, but think Miss. Horan can explain it before you get here.
Okay, thank you. I hang up on the phone also Niall.
'' Louis, what happen?'' Harry asked.'' Jessica got hit by a car and they said only Lilly knows what happen,'' I said. I got my keys and a coat, Liam told the girls to get ready and we're leaving to the hospital. Now, Eleanor is crying showing her bloodshot tears on her cheeks I was also,we ran towards our cars heading to the hospitable, meanwhile we got to the hospitable running inside the building. We went the front desk and asked: We're looking for Lilly Horan and Jessica Tomlinson!

The lady nodded looking in the computer and said: Miss. Horan is in the room 839 and Miss. Tomlinson is in room 838, but wait until they finished hooking the machines to her and you can see her. We all nodded and run to the elevator to their rooms..  

  Everybody needs to find out what they are?
                  Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis
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