Lost and Found

A girl got kidnapped but she doesnt know that she was taken and her parents are Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Tomlinson and missing in 14 years. Will they find her or she find out herself. I hope you liked it!


4. Necklace??/The Truth!!!!!!

My mom was at work and this my chance to go to the world. My mom say it is too dangerous, so I got up and showered and put some clothes on and ready to leave. I open the door and smell the fresh air I swirled around this is the life. I started to walked down the streets. I saw a coffee shop, so I brought my purse and got a apple juices and a muffin.

I sat down on the table and saw a familiar girl the same age as me. I got finish with my breakfast I got up bump into someone  That person and I fell on our bum.
''I'm so sorry about that,'' I said and got up helped her up too.
 Hey, my name is Jessica Louise Johnson. You?
She was dusting herself off ,'''Darcy Anne Styles. Where did you get that necklaces?'' She asked with an curious look.
''From my mother! I never could open it , can you help me open it?'' I asked nicely.
''Okay!!, She it in a exciting tone.
As so she my necklace it was a picture of two strangers inside the necklace and looking familiar,Darcy eyes was wide open and she gasped.
''Jessica Louise Tomlinson is that you?'' She asked excitedly I looked at her confused
''What do you mean?'' I wasn't unsure what she was talking about?
''Those are your parents,You were kidnapped,'' she said
''That why she keeping me in the apartment for 13 years,'' I said
''Man ! That not healthy, ''Darcy started worriedly

Darcy looked  at her watch. Well, I got to go now and here my phone number to connected me when you're ready to leave. Kay?
Yeah! Thanks for telling the truth.
''Hey, one more thing Uncle Louis and Auntie Eleanor will be happy to see you,'' Darcy said running out the building.
I smiled while she left. It was 1p.m. I ran home just in time for  my mum kidnapper came here. Is it true that she telling a truth? I am going back to my real parents? I have to get that woman to speak the true. Oooo... she is going to pay big time ruining my life.

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