Lost and Found

A girl got kidnapped but she doesnt know that she was taken and her parents are Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Tomlinson and missing in 14 years. Will they find her or she find out herself. I hope you liked it!


2. Jessica Louise Johnson

I have living an apartment in 14 years. I haven't step out in the outside because my mum said it was too dangerous.I don't looked much like my mom. We just different. She is keeping a secret from me I can feel it and I am going to find out.

Bio: I'm crazy, fun, lovable, I liked to draw when I am bored, and I like One Direction and The Frays and I am really loud to hang out so you get use to me. I hated the silents so yeah and also the yellers!!!

Food: Carrots, Italian foods


My birthday is February 17th, 2012

Age: 14

I got Asthma's. I do love football(soccer), but I am not allowed to play in the house.I am an artist/Fashion too. I like to created my own clothes. And also Born in London, England. Peace's out suckers!!! 

She doesn't know that she kidnapped by a woman named is Taylor Leah Johnson in 14 years. She still have that necklace that her father gave her since birth.

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