Lost and Found

A girl got kidnapped but she doesnt know that she was taken and her parents are Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Tomlinson and missing in 14 years. Will they find her or she find out herself. I hope you liked it!


19. Forgive me

Louis Prov:

Everyone is at our flat for the gathering. I still miss my baby girl I don't know why I hit her if she wakes up I'll make things right. Everyone were chatting about tour. Yeah, Paul just told us that we will be going on tour on Saturday and we can ours kids on tour with us. The problem is that what will Jessica wakes up when we on tour I want to be there for her. Harry saw frustration of my worries he went to sit by and told me,'' Louis, don't worry about anything she will wake up before you know it. I promise.'' I smiled and nodded at him that makes me fill good.  

I about to say something when I was interrupted by my phone. Everyone was silents then I answered the phone and said,'' Hello? Who is this?''
''Hello this is Dr. Jefferson, Miss Tomlinson  just woke up!!" I started to jump up and down, while everyone looked at me confused and crazy. ''Okay, thank you so much,'' I said excitedly and He said ' Your Welcome' and hung up.
I told everyone the news now, the girls crying for joy(including the kids)and the boys started cheering for happiness. We drove there as fast as we can to get to the ER. The Dr.Jefferson saw them come inside the building and told  them her room number 838. They ran and busted through the door open and saw her and hugged tight.

Jessica Prov:

I heard running foots towards my room and someone barge in my room. When I saw my Dad, Mum, Uncles, Aunties, and the girls here in my room smilings wide, bloodshots on theirs faces, and mix emotions. They gave me a group hugs tight, Mum and Dad kisses everywhere my face.'' Jessica, we want to apoloizes to you how we all acted and didn't believe you and I am sorry that I hit you I was so mad and did it to you. We all love you no matter what,'' my dad said with a grin. I smile and nodded. '' How long was was sleeping?'' I asked. Clover said,'' About 3 months.'' My eyes were wide dang that how long I was sleeping and now I felt bad now that they had to worried about me 3 months great.
We started to chat when the doctor came in with a smile on his. '' I am glad that your wake Miss Tomlinson, you can leave anytime soon,'' he said. I nodded quickly he chuckle and left. Mum gave me clothes and I limped thought the bathroom with extas help with Clover. I took a shower limping in there got finish and put clothes on. I am glad and free to go home finally!! 

Darcy Prov:
I am glad that Jessica is okay, but she has a broken leg. Torrowom I am going to say sorry to her on tour and became friends I hope.

Bella Prov:
YaY! I am glad that everyone is happy as me. I felt bad that Jessica has been though about saving Clover and got hit by a car. I am going to apoloizes to her at on tour. So excited!

Micthell Prov:
Vas Happening, everyone is happy that Jessica woke up and not dead. WOOHOO! I am going to apologize to Jessica on tour  and we can hang out again and be best friend for life (bffl).

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