Lost and Found

A girl got kidnapped but she doesnt know that she was taken and her parents are Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Tomlinson and missing in 14 years. Will they find her or she find out herself. I hope you liked it!


13. Boyfriend Stealer

I don't listened what Brooke said, so hanging around with Nathan more offend. He seem a nice, kind, and Friendly guy. He not like these others guys. I don't why he dated Brooke, she just Horrible and he like sweet.

Anyway, Clover and I was walking in the school building while we're getting glares and silent down the hallway I getting worried and confused. While, a girl was whispering with her friends while still looking at me. Clover,'' Don't worry about them, but I still confused why giving you glares and stares. I just nod wondering to why everyone is quiet and staring at me. Did I do something, something on my clothes, or on my face?

Clover and just walking down the hallways and spotted on Darcy, Bell, and M&M at their lockers talking. When they spotted us they stopped what they was saying and looking at me and giving me glares.

''Hey, guys what is going on and Why everyone seem to be mad at me?'' I asked them. Darcy rolled her eyes at me and said,'' I don't speak or be friends with boyfriend stealers.'' I looked more confused who boyfriend I used and no boy likes me anyway right? When I about to say something when Brooke bum in our conversation. ''Hey, boyfriend stealer are you here to steal more girls of their boyfriends,'' She said. I was so clueless right now and said,'' What you talking about Brooke I steal no ones boyfriend.'' Mitchell shouted,'' Don't be innocent Jess we all saw you how you flirt with Nathan Brooke's boyfriend that why they broke up because of you!''

Since she shouted now everyone is looking at us great! Clover defended,'' No, she didn't she was with me the whole time and he was being nice and friendly to her. I guessed this slut got jelly!'' As she pointed Brooke while her jaw hits the floor.'' Whatever, lets go girls,'' Bell said as they obey and left without looking back.

'' Lets go Jess before we be late for class, Clover told me. I nodded and went to my first class, while wen I got inside the classroom everyone was giving me dirty looks. When I saw a empty seat by a girl I about to sit there, but she said,'' That seat is taken.'' I mumble sorry to her and found a seat in the back and took a seat not paying attention to the teacher. I just doodling on my notebook looking like this:

While someone throw a crumble of paper at me and looked anyone who threw it at me so I open the paper and it said:
''No one won't you here. Go back what you came from.'' That hurt me straight to the heart. After the day of school day pasted and I went home took a showered and eat my dinner without saying anything and went to bed crying about my friends didn't believe me turn my back on me expected for Clover she was a good friend no Best friend of mines.

I wishing everyone could talk to me







I wish that could happen......


















  Everybody needs to find out what they are?
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