Lost and Found

A girl got kidnapped but she doesnt know that she was taken and her parents are Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Tomlinson and missing in 14 years. Will they find her or she find out herself. I hope you liked it!


14. Back off my Boyfriend you stank!!

We already went to school I got Geometry, Reading, Biology, and World History 2. When the bell rang I ran to my very first class it was a woman name Mrs. Strong. She looks like she is like young like in her twentyish 
''Good morning class when have new student today her name is Jessica Louise Tomlinson, '' she said. I heard everyone mumbling something, but who care what they think. ''Welcome Miss Tomlinson!!'' She continued.
''Thank you Mrs. Strong I am glad that I will be here the rest of the school year,''I said. She smiled at me, while I went back to my seat by my best friend Clover. We stay in the classroom about 30mins  while, the bell rang.
Clover and I was walking and talking at the same time, when I wasn't bump to some guy and fell on my bum. My stuff flattered everywhere. Great!!! 

I'm soooo sorry I wasn't looking what I was going,'' I apologized to him. I felt bad for the lad because I was so clumsy. When he turn with his green eyes, he was good looking.

''No need to apologized its was my fault I bump into a beautiful woman,'' he said. I laugh at him because I knew he was flirting on me. How adorable!! ( note). I forgot to introduce me, my is Nathan James Hutcherson and you are the new girl this school.

'' Nooo I am from the planet of Mars. Yes, I go to this school and the name is Jessica Tomlinson.'' He started to laugh at my comment. Hey, got to go anyway see you later. He said his goodbye and left. I think I got a crush on him? Or maybe? Clover was talking about Nathan that he is nice, smart, athletic, and he has a GIRLFRIEND.

''Hey Clover what's his girlfriend name?'' I said he doesn't seem that he has a girlfriend.

'' Her name is Brooke Barker. She is the biggest slut in the school. She is using Nathan for his fame and money, but he doesn't see it and she makes people life miserable when someone talk to him or hang out with him. I used to be friends with her, but I stop because she was using me and I told the girls but never listen to me.'' She said that in angry way. Well, that was hush I never new that she can be that cruel.

Wait, you said that Nathan in famous. She nodded. ''How?'' I asked since my life been miserable the past 14 years I knew what the news or people doing now these days.

He is Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence's son they play Huger Games together they play Peeta and Katniss. Soo yeah!! I thank her explaining everything. When Clover left to go her last school, some girl come up to me and BANG!! She hit the locker making me jump what's her problem?

Hey, you that new chick in school name Jessica? I nodded, but I try to get pass her but she push me against the lockers hard. What did I do to her? ''I want you to back off my BOYFRIEND you STANK okay so we want have this problem will we?'' she said. She was angry, she was turning red and fire came out of her eyes. I just nodded and walking off I don't care is she yelled at me I am threw when people telling me what to do.

Not today.....














Or not tomorrow .........



















Or maybe............
  Everybody needs to find out what they are?
                  Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis

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