Lost and Found

A girl got kidnapped but she doesnt know that she was taken and her parents are Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Tomlinson and missing in 14 years. Will they find her or she find out herself. I hope you liked it!


17. All we need is Hope

Lilly Prov:
I was sitting in the room panting about Jessica I heard that she is in the coma right now. I hope she wake up tell me why her if I wasn't standing in the middle Jessica wouldn't be in the coma. I about fall asleep when I heard someone barge in my room panting when I saw it was them. I turn away from them I am still mad at them that they didn't Jessica and me.

Hey, baby girl how are ya?'' Dad said I still ignoring you can anybody understand it. Then, someone save the day.... Drum roll please..... Uncle Liam, ''I am thinking she not talking to us.'' Thank you someone understand me Dad sign loudly. '' We're so so so sorry we didn't believe you and Jessica,'' Dad said. I nodded and smile at him he kiss me on the forehead. Uncle Louis asked,'' What happen?'' I gulp slowly waiting for me to answer him.

''While, I was chasten Jessica down the street going towards to the park, I told Jessie to stop and she did I was still in the middle of the road. When, I was Jessie looking at something at the road it was a black mustang going full speed I looked back at Jessie she was running to me.
Then, she pushed me out the road and hit my head and my arm on concrete then everything went black,'' I said. I was seeing watery eyes on everything also Darcy, Bell, and M&M anyways I continued,'' I woke up feeling the pain I was confuse first then I remember Everything what just happen. I was looking for Jessica when I saw her lifeless body on the road I came over there and blood on her first I was holding her, I pull out my phone and call the police and the ambulance then we all hear.''

I finished the story I started to cry remembering that view I put hands on my face said,'' Its all my fault that Jessica got hit instead of me. Why, it how to be her? She didn't deserve this.'' I felt ten pair of hands on me it was Uncle Zayn's, Liam's, Louis's, Harry's and Dad's the others were crying. When, finish crying Louis told me that Jessica is stronger she make it all we need is hope. A woman with white lab coat I guessing it was my Doctor.

Ello, My name is Dr. Sanders I am Miss Horan's Doctor, her arm had broken three and her head gotten stitched up and Miss Horan will be leaving my tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. Horan take these pain killers for her head and her arm and come back a week to get stitches out. I nod Mum mumble thanks to her and she out.

Louis Prov:
I went out when Lilly's Doctor came in I went in Jessica's room I knock then a man told me to come in guessing her Doctor. I went inside and saw Jessica's lifeless body with machines I see bruises, cuts, blood stains.

''I am guessing you're Miss Tomlinson Father's, Dr. Jefferson said. I nodded quickly. '' I am sorry Mr. Tomlinson we don't know her able to wake up unless 2-5 mouths, but I don't know she might lost her members I will leave you three here.'' When he said three I looked at Eleanor behind me with tears and run to hug her telling it okay Jessica is strong and I know it...... 

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