Lost and Found

A girl got kidnapped but she doesnt know that she was taken and her parents are Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Tomlinson and missing in 14 years. Will they find her or she find out herself. I hope you liked it!


18. 3 months

Louis Prov:

Its have been 3 months that Jessica hasn't waking up. I have been standing by her side all this time I want to be there for her when she wakes up and an apologize her what I have done. The boys been here too days and nights I been eating food little remembering Jessica and shower five days of week, also Eleanor been here with me, but she to leave to get food in her, fresh air, and shower. She had it rough she couldn't even sleep or even eat, but Dani, Perry, Tiffany, and Amy trying to get her to eat something in her.

Clover has been quiet lately and Darcy, Bell, and Mitchie has been mix motion like: guilty, sad, worry, and faults. Now the boys and the girls are in the room with me and Eleanor talking about random things it would be fun if my daughter has waking up, but someday she will.

Jessica Prov:  
I have waking up, but in a strange white room when a woman was standing in front of me and its strange that she just look like me. That question is where am I?
 ''Hi, excuse me wonder why am I?'' I spoke nervously you don't know the woman will do?
''You're here because this is the room that people are not yet in deaf. That's why you're here,'' The woman said. '' Who are you? I asked her. '' The name's Jessica Tomlinson!'' I was shocked she can't be me how on earth that woman is not me.
'' How? I asked again. '' I am your future me I am came to help you come back to life,'' she said. ''Why I should I my family doesn't love me anymore you see they're turn down on me,'' I said.
She laughed why? ''Silly girl, you want me to show you now what are our parents doing in the future and now that we're gone out of this world. I nodded unsurely.
She show my an image of the future that I saw dad looking at some picture of me on the bed crying in tears. '' This how it started Mum and Dad wasn't making the marriage to well.
They're fighting each other and blaming their self about our deaf. The One Direction has been breaking up since a year age because Dad haven't been in theirs concerts, recordation, sighing fans, and hanging around with them anymore. He has been staying in the house looking though pictures of us the past lately,'' She said.

''What about the other lads how they doing?'' I asked I can't believe they break up cause of me. She continued,'' They're doing fine, but Zayn has been smoking more, Harry has been drinking more and Tiffany and Harry got a divorce because of his actions, Liam been having an affair with Dani of past months, and Niall hasn't been eating nor was Clover.

Clover has been cutting and starving herself because of your deaf and bullies, Darcy are sleeping with more guys in night and got pregnant, Bella been staying home when she didn't get into college and thought she wasn't smart enough , and Mitchell has been doing drug and put in the jail the 100th time.

I was shocked I can't believe my deaf was that important. ''Okay we see everything let go the presents,'' she said. I nodded and saw Dad and Mum with other talking, crying, and sad. Dad was begging to wake up also Mum was storking my hair saying sweets thing like: Please wake up, or Everyone loves you. '' Okay, now you see everything are you going back or not? I asked me. I nodded I want to back since everyone do love me.'' Okay all you have to do is close your eyes and open,'' She said. I nodded and do what she said....  

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