Forever Yours

Forever Yours is an One Direction fan diction written by me Sabitha (♥MiaFlora♥). This story will be as unique as I can make it. About love. Pain. Girls. Friendship. Love is not exactly what Sabitha Mia believes it will be like. As friendship is put into test, and she starts wondering is love really worth it. But it won't just be about Her, as her friends life are also placed in risk. Will you risk the one you love for friends who are like your cousin.


3. So Far The Characters Are

So far the characters are;

My character Sabitha Mia (has my name Sabitha) is sixteen (which I am not in real life) had brown skin, and black hair, and is tall, and average size. She is kind, sweet, caring, talkative, a great friend, loves food, someone you can trust, playful, childish. Who is Niall girlfriend.

Also Ramii(My cousin) is sixteen, has light brown skin, black hair, skinny, pretty, kind, popular, sweet, a wonderful friend. She is Harry girlfriend.

Other characters which Movellians have created are.

Lea- created by Wolfheart. She is Harry's sister. She is a little stubborn, kind, playful and friendly

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