Forever Yours

Forever Yours is an One Direction fan diction written by me Sabitha (♥MiaFlora♥). This story will be as unique as I can make it. About love. Pain. Girls. Friendship. Love is not exactly what Sabitha Mia believes it will be like. As friendship is put into test, and she starts wondering is love really worth it. But it won't just be about Her, as her friends life are also placed in risk. Will you risk the one you love for friends who are like your cousin.


2. N/A Characters Needed

I will need many characters. My character will be Niall's girlfriend, and my cousin in the photo dressed in pink will be Harry's girlfriend. Sorry, to anyone who wanted those positions. But this is my story.

These are the characters I need:

Niall sister

Louis Brother or Sister

Liam Brother or sister

Harry sister

Zayn sister

Niall ex (The ex will get somebody else instead who will be cute)

Harry ex (The ex will get somebody else instead who will be cute)

Zayn girlfriend

Liam Girlfriend

Louis Girlfriend

Simon Neice

2 One direction obsessed fan

An one direction hater

A person who blackmails Niall

Ricky Girlfriend (Ricky will be Harry brother)

Chase Girlfriend (Chase will be Niall brother)

An Evil villian

And any more that you think of

Please give me a description of your character, with there name, and who that character will be, and why you think you deserve that role.

Ps. Also could any one make me an fabulous One Direction Cover. If you do I will add you into my story, and I will fan/like/fav on any of your stories. Also, I will love you forever, and you may be asked to co-author with me.

Sorry to anybody who hates one direction. But this story will be as different as I can make it.

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