Please, Don't Leave Me Here...

Harley is a girl from a small town in Missouri. She doesn't believe in love... but the night she met Andy, she finds herself starting to believe it's possible.


3. Concert Time

"How's everyone doing tonight?" I heard Andy scream.

I looked around on stage until I found him walking towards the middle of stage. I about jumped five feet in the air and screamed when he looked at me and winked. I slapped Micheal on the shoulder, "Oh my god.... Oh my god... Andy just winked at me... HOLY CRAP!"

"Calm down Harley. You're gonna make yourself look like a freak..." He laughed and pointed to the fact that Andy was still watching me as he spoke.

I waved and mouthed, "You're amazing."

He waved back with a smile and turned to the other side of the crowd. "I want to thank everyone for coming out tonight. Now, who's ready to hear some music?!?!" 

We all screamed. "That's what I thought. Let's go boys!" He said turning back to the group.

Christian started on the drums to the beat of Wretched and Divine and soon I heard Andy's beautiful voice. Andy sang and often, he'd point the microphone at the crowd and have us scream the lyrics. 

"Now, I want to ask a special someone on stage. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet, but she caught my eye the minute I stepped out here." He walked over to where I standing and held out his hand.

I looked straight at Micheal and he nodded, signaling for me to go on. I blushed as I looked back at Andy and took his hand. 

Andy pulled me up on stage and walked me to the center were their was now a stool sitting in wait for me. 

"So beautiful, what's you're name?" Andy asked and moved the microphone to where I could speak into it.

"H - H - Harley."

"Harley... That's a beautiful name. For a  beautiful girl." He winked.

I blushed and mouthed the words "Thank you."

"Well, Harley. I think I'm going to dedicate this next song to you. I hope you like it." 

All of a sudden the band started playing Rebel Love Song. Andy didn't take his eyes off me the entire time he was singing. I saw Micheal look up at me with a smile on his face. I was in the mist of crying but they were happy tears. I never thought Andy would think of me as anything other than some random fan. 

The song ended and Andy looked at me once more, "Harley, I'm going to ask you a question. And I want you to accept it. So, I'm begging you, will you wait back stage for me?"

I nodded and he smiled. "Thank you."

He held out his hand and led me to the stage exist where he asked me to wait for him and just before he left he kissed my forehead.

He ran back onstage to the sound of screaming fans. I watched through the concert through the curtain. I watched his every move, his every breath as if he would disappear if I didn't. I smiled to myself and thought, this could be it.

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