Please, Don't Leave Me Here...

Harley is a girl from a small town in Missouri. She doesn't believe in love... but the night she met Andy, she finds herself starting to believe it's possible.


1. A Day With The Best Friend

"Sometimes you get on my nerves, Micheal." I said holding in a laugh as I watched him tear through my CDs.

"I know I do. You've gotta enjoy it though." He said glancing back at me with a evil grin.

Turning back to my CDs he continued back to look for the Wretched and Divine album. "I found it!!" He finally screamed.

He put it in the stereo and blasted Lost It All. He sang along out of habit and goodness he sounded beautiful. Micheal has always been talented even though he refuses to believe me. I'll make him someday though.

At the end of the song he became silent waiting on the next song.

"Micheal, you're so talented."

"Nothing compared to you beautiful."

"No, Micheal don't even go there. I think we all know I can't sing. I never have been able to and I probably never will. It's a well known fact."

"Whatever Harley. You're good and you know it. You're a good song writer too."

"Yeah... okay."

He sat down next to me on my queen size bed and put his arm around me. "I love you Harley."

"I know."

I put my head on his shoulder and listened to him sing random songs off the CD. I'd never believed in love after my oldest brother died. However, if I'd ever been close to 'loving' someone after him, it would defiantly be Micheal. I mean, I trust the guy with everything I have and I really care about him. I'm not saying I don't, because I really do. I just don't believe in love. 


"Yeah, Micheal?"

"You probably ought to get ready. You only have and hour before we need to leave for the concert." 

"Crap!!!" I screamed jumping up and running to my dresser.

"Micheal! What did you do with my Black Veil Brides shirt??" 

He held it up in his hand, "Right here Boo Boo."

I snatched it from him and ran to the bathroom. I stripped down into my bra and underwear and put my black skinny jeans on and my BVB shirt on. I threw my close in a pile and opened the door, "Micheal! Help me straighten my hair!"

I heard him laugh and start down the hallway.

I turned on the straightener and pulled out my make up bag. You might think this is weird but it is actually how I usually get dressed. Micheal came in and grabbed the straightener and a piece of my hair as I put on my foundation. 

"You didn't turn the stereo off you genius." I laughed.

"Hey you sounded desperate. I came as fast as I could."

"Hah. You're funny." 

We continued my hair and make up in silence and by the time we were done, we had 15 minutes before we needed to leave. 

"Want to eat some pizza first?" I asked looking at myself in the mirror.

"Of course!!" He said with his eyes widened.

I laughed as I watched him run down the hallway and started after him. 

"PIZZA!!" He yelled opening the fridge. 

We warmed it up in the microwave and Micheal chowed down as if he'd never eaten before in his life. 

When we finished it was time to go. I ran back to my room, grabbed my phone and turned off my stereo. I checked in my parents room and I gave my mother a hug while she was on the phone. She smiled and waved and I ran back outside to Micheal's black Silverado. 

"Ready?" He asked with a smile.

"Oh yeah!" I answered back. 

And with that we headed for the concert. 

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