True love?

Harry has trouble finding a girlfriend ever since he broke up with Veronica. Will Harry ever find his true love? Read it please!


6. Walking

Harry just went to the hospital to check on Bernie. After he went for a walk around the area. Well he had finally found his true love. He had a great job and soon he would have a child to look after. Harry was living a great life. He got a text on his phone. It read: I'm coming to visit you and your wife!. It was from Jack. Harry was pleased that Jack was coming to visit. Suddenly he heard a loud CRASH! Harry turned around and ran to see what had happened. It was a car crash. But then he saw a body. It was Jack's body! "Jack!!" Harry said. Harry pulled Jack out from under the car. Someone had hit him while he was on his way to the hospital. "I need an ambulance, somebody call for an ambulance!" Harry said. There was tears pouring down Harry's face. An ambulance arrived at the scene ten minutes later after somebody had called 999. The next day Harry got a letter. It was Jack's death certificate! "Oh no" Harry said. He started to cry again. Jack had died at the scene of the crash. Harry told his wife about the story. Harry had to move on with his life. Everyone told him that. Bernie gave Harry a call the next morning. "Come on quick!" it read. Harry drove to the hospital and when he walked in the door he saw his wife holding a lovely baby girl. "Look somebody wants to meet you" Bernie said with joy. Harry ran over and kissed his wife then he kissed the baby on the head. "She is beautiful" Harry said. When Harry and Bernie got home that night they started to talk about their future again. "Who knows what will happen next?" Harry said.   


The end...

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