True love?

Harry has trouble finding a girlfriend ever since he broke up with Veronica. Will Harry ever find his true love? Read it please!


1. Veronica

Harry is a thirty one year old man. He is lonely since he broke up with Veronica. Harry caught Veronica smooching other men when she was supposed to be at the gym every morning. Harry was sick of being lonely so he went onto one of them dating websites. He met up with six women but ended up breaking up with them all. He was determine to find true love after he had broke up with Veronica. "How will I find my true love" he said to himself. He had tried the dating websites but that didn't work out so he had to find a way to meet someone. His friend Jack invited him to a party tomorrow night so he could show up and meet someone. The next day Harry put on his best outfit and went to the party.  

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