True love?

Harry has trouble finding a girlfriend ever since he broke up with Veronica. Will Harry ever find his true love? Read it please!


4. The club

Harry was upset about the whole Melissa thing but he had to move on and find another woman. Harry asked Jack to be his wingman. They both went to a nightclub down the street to see if he can ask someone on a date. Harry and Jack chatted to ten women until he met a girl called Bernie. Bernie was twenty nine and she was very good looking. Harry thought she looked sexy and nice so he went over and started up a conversation about the environment even though Harry knew nothing about it. Seems that she was interested in the environment so that was good. Jack went over to get a drink and when he turned around he could see Harry kissing Bernie! Harry gave Bernie his number and went home. "What was that all about" Jack said. "What" Harry replied. "The kiss dumbo!" Jack said. Harry hated being called a dumbo but he ignored it. "I don't know, Bernie leaned in for a kiss and I just went for it you know, I bet you if a girl leaned in for a kiss you would just go for it too" Harry said. "I guess your right there" Jack said. They both laughed. When they got home Jack crawled into bed. "You don't live here!" Harry said. Jack replied, "I'm too tired to drive home, i'm staying here tonight". With that Jack went to sleep. "Goodnight, oh and by the way i'm seeing Bernie tomorrow" Harry said.

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