True love?

Harry has trouble finding a girlfriend ever since he broke up with Veronica. Will Harry ever find his true love? Read it please!


3. Dinner with Melissa

Dinner was a disaster! Harry had reservations for a fancy restaurant called Matersons over in Swords. When they arrived they sat down and talked about stupid stuff like golf and flowers and other crap like that. The waitress came over and they both ordered their food. The food arrived half an hour later and Harry was starving. He eat like a pig and spilled some sauce onto his outfit. Melissa wasn't impressed but she kept her mouth shut. Harry wasn't good looking, he had a good personality witch Melissa liked. Melissa was interested in flowers and her son. She told Harry about her X husband and her son going into fourth class this year. She said she was looking for a nice man with a good sense of humor and a great personality. Harry knew she was talking about him so he continued listening to her. When she had finished talking the waitress came over with some more champagne and took their plates. Harry and Melissa lifted their glasses and said "cheers". Harry was very nervous. He accidentally dropped his glass and it spilled all over Melissa's new dress! "I am so sorry Melissa" he said. "I hate you! this is the worst date I ever had" she shouted with rage. She stormed off but Harry tried to follow her. He kept saying sorry but she kept saying "get lost you idiot". After trying several times Harry gave up and just payed the check and went home.   

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