Trick or Read!

This is our spoooooky movella to celebrate Halloween! Be sure to check out: for more stories! Enjoy and let yourselves be whisked away in our magically frightening stories, awooooooh....


5. what the creature really was

The old lady was snoring as loud as a 10 tonne elephant. They went
over to her then one person searched the room they were not surprised to find
somthing glowing in the dark. They then got hold of the ladys ears and pulled
her mask off. As it peeled off her face they realized that she was even more
uglier than before seen on earth. It lay with it hands across there chest with a
scarf saying Voldermort. This was clearly an alien. But was Voldermort trying to
kill the earth or take over the earth. One thing they knew for shore was that
thing that glowed in the dark was a wand but what would they need a wand for.
Then Voldermort awoke from his deadening sleep.




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