Trick or Read!

This is our spoooooky movella to celebrate Halloween! Be sure to check out: for more stories! Enjoy and let yourselves be whisked away in our magically frightening stories, awooooooh....


8. here is my story

sup guys, Stephanie here. below is my story that i did in my English class


hope you enjoy :)


People always say there’s light at the end of a tunnel. But in my case
darkness goes on forever. School was bad enough but now nothing seems right, one
by one my family is moving away. First my Nan, then my granddad and now my

“Mum I’m home” I yelled up the muddy brown stairs. Chucking of my shoes I
headed towards the kitchen. “Mum, you there?” I asked slightly concerned. Slowly
I made my way to the bathroom praying inside that she was in there

Tap tap tap… no answer

Suddenly the doorbell went thank god for that I thought you would never
I thought to myself. My eyes scanned through the clear, wafer thin
glass that was carefully positioned on the door. That person standing there
wasn’t mum, but it was too late now. They’d seen me and wanted to get in. Slowly
backing away I crawled into the somehow calm lounge and picked the land line,
pressing the call button I crossed my fingers hoping mum would be there


“Hello…mums are you there?” Nervously I checked the phone and saw the grey
wire that connected the charger to my only way out was gone. I quickly placed
down the phone, and ran across the soft, velvety carpet being more careful than
ever before trying not to be seen. Boy do I regret going up those stairs.
Running I was into my room, I shut my wooden door and it was then that my life
nearly ended

It was just standing there, staring at me. Fear slowly took over my body,
freezing every joint. My eyes fixed on their pocket, in there laid half of the
missing wire and a knife. Lifting my hand behind me I tried to open up my old
door without being heard.

“There’s no use trying Amy, I arranged for us to be alone “whispered the low
raspy voice. No words came out, only a scream…

I guess this is what it feels like to be dead, no part of my worked, only my
brain to ponder the last event of my life. Screwing my eyes tight all I could
see were those evil, red eyes staring at me.

“Amy, Amy wake up, look guys here fingers are moving “ I made out my mum

“Should we tell her well yanoo where she is?”   WHAT of course I know where I
am, I’m alive and in a bed in a hospital, simple as that. My eyes slowly
flickered open, desperate to see my mum. Instead of my mum it was a doctor
putting a gown on me. A gown that could only belong to the insane. Locked up I
was , never to go outside again.


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