Trick or Read!

This is our spoooooky movella to celebrate Halloween! Be sure to check out: for more stories! Enjoy and let yourselves be whisked away in our magically frightening stories, awooooooh....


12. Found You Part 3

 My feet reach the old porch. Several planks are missing, revealing twisted 
yellow grass that had died due to lack of rain. As I take a step onto it, a loud 
moan escapes from the floorboards as it sags beneath my weight. I gasp in shock 
and a terrible thought strikes through my mind. 

    What if it can’t hold me? A loud creak flies off and into the blackness 
and my mind begins to race. What if I fall through? Then I’ll be stuck here and 
it might find me again. No, I can’t take that risk.

    Another creak. I force myself forward. One more step and I’m in the house. 
I panic. Should I turn back? No. Yes. No. Yes. No. YES. NO. CRASH! In sheer 
fright I lunge forward and catapult myself into the dusty house, just as the 
entire porch collapses dramatically.

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