Trick or Read!

This is our spoooooky movella to celebrate Halloween! Be sure to check out: for more stories! Enjoy and let yourselves be whisked away in our magically frightening stories, awooooooh....


11. Found You Part 2

t was old, you could tell by its ora and its looks. The windows were 
smashed, large cracks crawling up the transparent surfaces. They were covered 
with large planks of wood, like barriers, although some had fallen off and were 
dangling down dangerously. In some, the torn curtains were billowing the howling 
wind, soaked with the constant rain. The roof had several bricks missing and the 
chimney was bent over. There was no front door, simply an empty space with some 
snapped hinges, rusted and broken. The porch, if that is what you call it, was 
made entirely of wood. It looked rotten, and I am certain a fare few wood worm 
has descended upon it. Planks were hanging down, like the broken barriers on the 
windows, suspended in the cold night air. The entire house had a disturbingly 
creepy sense about it but what choice did I have?

    I hurriedly began to make my way across the thick grass, the wet drops 
clinging to my soaked shoes and the hem of my torn trousers. I gasped in shock 
as the coldness began to seep towards my toes, but I continued, determined to 
shelter myself in this strange house. The rain was yet to cease, hammering down 
hard and fast. On the other end of the grass was gravel, and as I reached the 
end, I took a step onto it. 

    It crunched loudly beneath me, and I wince. Everything seemed extremely 
loud, and I was incredibly wary that if this odd house was to have some sort of 
resident, they would awake and come down. Then surely I would have no place to 

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