Trick or Read!

This is our spoooooky movella to celebrate Halloween! Be sure to check out: for more stories! Enjoy and let yourselves be whisked away in our magically frightening stories, awooooooh....


10. Found You Part 1

I continued to run, my feet pounding hard against the gravel pavement. The 
voice was still echoing inside my head as I surged forward and quickly, I 
checked behind me. It was gone. 

    Slowing down my pace, I began to walk as I observed my surroundings. I was 
in an entirely different neighbourhood, the odd street names and rickety houses 
completely un-familiar. Oh great. I spin around to see I can see any form of 
street I recognise, but I must have run a good few miles.

    Golden jets of jagged lightening slice through the murky black sky like a 
glimmering knife. Huddles of grey clouds form, bunched together, blocking any 
brilliant rays of sun, looking strangely like young school girls huddling 
together to keep warm. Heavy rain pours down, striking through the clouds and 
smashing onto the ground below. My clothes begin sticking to my body and I try 
to shelter myself with my arms but fail to protect myself.

    I need somewhere to stay, just overnight, until it becomes drier. My eyes 
swivel round, looking for an empty house. I catch sight of a battered, beaten 
down house that was right on the corner. 

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