Dumbledore's Apprentice The First Year (COMPLETE)

Alisha Moonglow is a 12 year old girl, tortured by some cruel force of nature, but when Albus Dumbledore rescues her from the lips of a Dementor she learns she has gifts, gifts that will open doors she never knew were closed, gifts that will earn her a place in Hogwart School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This will be updated every Monday.

This is finito but I will be posting sneak peeks, diary entries, quizzes and fun stuff like that!


9. Tears

I promised I'd update, so sorry for the low quality.


By the beginning of November, everybody at Hogwarts had found their place in the school. Everybody knew who to hang out with, what to say and what to do. Alisha was the one who anyone could go to when they needed to cheer up. She made everyone laugh. But what no one really realised was that no one was there to cheer Alisha up herself. At night she would cry herself to sleep, no one seemed to understand her. They didn't know. They didn't know what had happened to her. They didn't know what hardship she'd suffered. Harry and his friend were mean about her and her best friend. No one really cared. They just wanted to use her. Use her to keep them happy. No one wanted to make her happy. Alisha could have cried a thousand oceans at night. When the stars scattered the pitch black sky, Alisha sobbed quietly. Nobody heard and nobody saw. Nobody knew what Alisha was doing to herself. She was slowly, slowly, tearing apart her soul. 


The Dementor still ruled her nightmares, and her dreams. Even with her closest circle of companions, Hermione, Severus and Dumblydory, she felt the knives inside her soul. Of course, at rare moments she was happy, at some moments she felt her heart light up. She felt the corners of her mouth turn upwards and her eyes sparkle. But these moments were very, very rare. That was until the night of November the 5th.


A/N next update will be on 5th of November. 

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