Dumbledore's Apprentice The First Year (COMPLETE)

Alisha Moonglow is a 12 year old girl, tortured by some cruel force of nature, but when Albus Dumbledore rescues her from the lips of a Dementor she learns she has gifts, gifts that will open doors she never knew were closed, gifts that will earn her a place in Hogwart School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This will be updated every Monday.

This is finito but I will be posting sneak peeks, diary entries, quizzes and fun stuff like that!


3. Potions

The group of first years filed into the dungeons. Snape's back was turned to them, he was writing something on the blackboard. Everyone was silent as they sat at their desks in this foreboding classroom. Only Alisha kept her normal cheer and bubble. She was humming the llama song under her breath. 

"Could whoever is humming that ridiculous song, stop, now." Snape commanded, turning around. His eyes surveyed the room, weighing up each child. When his black pools met with Alisha's green balls of light, he gasped and clutched at his chest, as if to stem the blood flow of an imaginary wound over his heart. Then, about to cry, he turned and fled from the room, into the potion store, his long, black cloak billowing behind him. The room turned even silent-er as the students looked at each other in question. Then they all turned to face the blackboard as if they expected the lesson to continue itself. A few minutes later, Alisha stood up and pushed her chair in, then walked towards the store. She pushed the door open.

"Are you ok Mr..." She trailed off, she had been about to call him Mr Grease, but even Alisha knew that would be insensitive.

"Fine, call me Severus. I believe Dumbledore wishes to speak to you, I'm sure you'll be able to find his office." Snape picked himself up and lead Allisha to the classroom door, when she'd left he continued to teach the rest of the class.


Alisha did, by some miracle, to find her way to the headmaster's office and when she reached the statue read the plaque 

"Albus Dumblydory. Cool. Hello statue I need to speak to Dumblydory, please could you let me past?" The statue moved and before she knew it Alisha was standing in front Albus Dumbledore himself.

"Ah Miss Moonglow. I need to talk to you about a very important and confidential matter that only four people know about, please come in." And so Alisha did.

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