Dumbledore's Apprentice The First Year (COMPLETE)

Alisha Moonglow is a 12 year old girl, tortured by some cruel force of nature, but when Albus Dumbledore rescues her from the lips of a Dementor she learns she has gifts, gifts that will open doors she never knew were closed, gifts that will earn her a place in Hogwart School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This will be updated every Monday.

This is finito but I will be posting sneak peeks, diary entries, quizzes and fun stuff like that!


4. Flying

After Dumbledore had weighed down her carefree mind with a shocking secret, Alisha went to her flying lesson. Madame Hooch was standing in front of the assembled students waiting for silence. When her plea was answered she began to instruct the amateurs. Harry, Alisha and Draco Malfoy were some of the first to mount their brooms and the mass of the others a good two minutes later. 

"Now you can try flying, rise a few feet off the ground by pointing upwards, then come straight back down by pointing down! On the count of three! One..." The nervous Neville Longbottom shot up like a cork from a bottle into the sky, before Madame Hooch had even reached two! "Come back down this instance boy!" The teacher demanded, and Neville fell straight from the sky with  an almighty crack, landing in a heap on the grass.

"I think he's broken something Miss." Alisha said bending over Neville's ghostly pale face.

"Right, Mr Longobottom, I think you ought to come with me!" Madame Hooch picked Neville up, "And none of you are to touch your brooms, when I come back from the hospital ward, I want to find all feet on the ground." So off Neville and Madame Hooch went. But unfortunately, Madame Hooch hadn't been teaching for very long and hadn't yet discovered that, magical or muggle, a group of 11/12 year olds should not be left on their own, by any circumstances. As soon as Madame Hooch and Neville could no longer be seen, Draco Malfoy, who Alisha had become acquainted with, picked up something Neville had dropped. 

"Look it's glowing red, Neville's forgotten something, duh, he's forgotten the rememberall!" All the Slytherins chuckled. 

"Give it back. Malfoy!" Harry snapped holding his hand out.

"Not really sure I want to do that, Potter, I think I'll leave it somewhere for Longbottom to find, how about that tree over there?" And with that, Malfoy mounted his broom and started to zoom around the Quidditch field. Potter, as Alisha now knew him grabbed hold of his room and was about to mount when the bushy haired girl grabbed his arm,

"You can't Harry, Madame Hooch said we weren't to." But she didn't make the slightest bit of difference, before she could say, "You'll see!" Harry, Alisha finally knew the kid with the glasses' name, and Draco were playing an intense game of cat and mouse. The other children oohed and ahhed as they watched the to apparent experts go neck and neck for the rememberall Malfoy had tucked into his pocket. 


A few minutes later, Draco though he didn't want to show it, found it too hard to keep up with Harry, so tossed the ball into the air over the lake. Harry made a neat dive and snatched it up just before it hit the water's surface and sunk. The whole crowd cheered, with the exception of Draco, Pansy and Alisha. Alisha was too busy noticing something the other children hadn't even twigged on. Miss McGonagall had watched the whole scenario unfold from her office and was now walking into the school grounds.

"Silence. Mr Potter please come with me, and Parvati pass me Neville's rememberall. Your lesson is over, go and read some books or do something else useful." McGonagall snapped before leading Harry away. Alisha didn't follow the large crowds, filling out into the Entrance Hall, she wandered down to the Forbidden Forest, to complete a task Dumbledore had set her.


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