Dumbledore's Apprentice The First Year (COMPLETE)

Alisha Moonglow is a 12 year old girl, tortured by some cruel force of nature, but when Albus Dumbledore rescues her from the lips of a Dementor she learns she has gifts, gifts that will open doors she never knew were closed, gifts that will earn her a place in Hogwart School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This will be updated every Monday.

This is finito but I will be posting sneak peeks, diary entries, quizzes and fun stuff like that!


18. A Home For The Summer (Last Chapter) :(

Alisha stood in the Great Hall, surrounded by tons of students waving party invitations in her face.

"I don't see why we can't just have one BIG party for the whole school!" Sighed Alisha, sitting down. All the other children looked up at Dumbledore pleadingly. 

"Well, I don't see why not." He boomed with a twinkle in his eye. So there was a massive end of year party on the penultimate day of term with music, food and games. Everyone was talking about Harry's encounter with Voldemort. Alisha listened, but said nothing herself. Everyone had a great time at the party, and found it very easy to fall asleep after such an exciting day. The next day, everybody found themselves packing up their trunks and heading down to the Great Hall for the Goodbye Speech. Harry was out of Hospital by then and found himself immediatly pounced in by pestering children.

"What did he look like?"

"Were you scared?"

"How did you defeat him?" Harry replied,

"Why don't you ask Alisha, she was there too!"

"No she wasn't, she was sleeping in her bed, I saw her!" Exclaimed Amaris.

"Yeah, we would have heard her Harry!" Added Ron.

"Alisha, tell them you were there." The whole hall seemed to turn to Alisha, waiting.

"Harry, I haven't the faintest idea what you are talking about." Harry sat down in silence and shock, Alisha had been there, hadn't she? Or was he going mad? Whilst Dumbldore was announcing the points for the house cup, Hermione noticed a large bandage was covering most of Draco's face.

"What happened to Draco?" She asked, 

"Oh, Fred punched him." Replied Ron, emotionless.


"Because he was flirting with Bailey."

"But isn't she like 2 years older than him?"

"Yeah, but Fred and Draco started fighting and they both said Bailey had to choose."

"Who did she choose?"

"Oh, some Hufflepuff kid in 5th year."

"What? Then who's Fred with now?"

"He's hooked up with Mia again."

"Your brother's social life is a mess!"

"Tell me about it!" Then they turned back just in time to hear Dumbledore announce that Gryffindor had in fact won the cup.

"What, but we-" Started Ron

"Shut up and look happy!" Hissed Hermione.


"Settle down, settle down, now I hope you are all looking forward to going home for the Summer Holidays and after that yet another-" Dumbledore paused mid-sentence, Alisha Moonglow had raised her hand. "Yes Miss Moonglow."

"Do you have to go home for the Summer?"

"Yes, you do."

"Oh, well you see, I don't really have a home."

"I am fully aware of your situation Miss Moonglow, and don't worry arrangements have been made! Anyway as I was saying, after that yet another great year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry!" The school erupted into rounds of applause, before the students left to collect their trunks and board the train. Alisha skipped to the front of the hall where only two of the teachers remained. Dumbledore and Snape.

"Hello Alisha, you'll be living at my house!" Exclaimed Snape, who looked as happy as a child on their birthday.

"YAY!" Beamed Alisha.

"Now, I believe you can Apparate, so here's my address and meet you there in five!" Alisha ran off to get her trunks, hugged all her friends goodbye and set off for her new home.

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