Dear Sarah,

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2. yesterday...bestfriend issues.

hello! well yesterday was a rough day....i saw my quote on quote "best friend" in the hall and i asked him if i could talk  to him before lunch and i hugged him because i kind of like him...more than friends and we dated before and we went to homecoming together and things kind of happened and now he doesn't trust me but the point is that he wouldn't hug me back and i told him i loved him because i really do. we've been best friends since we were 6 and we used to be attached at the hip and our family's get along together and i really wish i knew what to do with him because i am really hurt that he wouldn't message me back last night on Facebook and i just really need my best friend back...i don't know what i would do if i lost him as a friend...hes always been there for me and ive always been there for him and its just like i dont want to lose him...i feel like i already have and i dont know what to do...should i go with what my heart says or should i just give him space for now? HELP!


im going to give myself some advice...i think that you should give him some space for now and kind of talk to him in a couple of days since its been a couple of least he may have said i love you too that means theres something still there and that he still cares and you havent lost him. maybe just write him a letter and explain to him how YOU feel...and see if he responds back...if he doesnt, thats ok too! but for now give him some space to think... it will be ok, i promise...things do get better and stay strong and you will get past this little bump in the road....maybe someday things will be back to where they used to be but for now just be yourself and dont be afraid to be independent. you dont need your friends to be happy you need to be happy with yourself first. wait for him, to approach you first or maybe text you first...if not then oh well his loss...maybe someday you'll find that special somebody and you'll be happy but for now let fate run its will be ok, i promise!

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