Dear Sarah,

advice column! leave me little comments and questions and i'll answer themmmm:)


1. hey guys!

hey guys! i wanted to tell you alittle about me! my name is sarah...i live in north in the eleventh grade...i love to swim, write, draw, and listen to music! i love giving to advice too people and i feel like im really good at it! i was bullied since longer than i can remember so thats why i decided not to write for my local school or town! i thought..."why not help other teens/kids with their problems? when i was in the fourth grade i sent care packages to kids who were affected by hurricane katrina who didnt have any toys or clothes or anything left because everything was destroyed for favorite band is the script, i think they are amazing and enthusiastic. so why not write too me?! my email is on my profile so if you have any questions or anything you can email me! or if you really want too you can also message me! so click away :) love you guys! -s xoxo

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