Heyy, Bridget here. You want information about our story well here it is. Well let me introduce myself, my name is Bridget. I am the daughter of Zeus. Yeah a Demi-God. My partner in crime should be my worst enemy but she isn't. Her name is Tina. She is the daughter of Hades. Yes that Hades. Are you still interest? Well you better be because this is where it gets good. We save the world...Your welcome.


9. Chapter 9

Tina’s POV:

    I walked into the door to the hotel and smiled to myself. Dakota was great. He was so sweet. He was 19 and had a beautiful gray thoroughbred at the stables. 

    “Bridget” I called softly. No answer. I walked to her bedroom to find her quietly snoozing. I guess she would be tired after her fight with Jacob. It seemed exhausting. I left and found something to watch on TV. I didn’t need to be back at the stables until 4:00. I couldn’t stop thinking about Dakota. He was just so perfect. He had deep black hair and perfect green eyes. Before I knew it I had passed out on the couch. I awoke in an arena. I was surprised. I hadn’t been here in 2 years. So why was I here? 

    “Welcome back” said a oddly familiar voice. My heart stopped before stuttering to life again. I turned around to find a very pale bald man in a suit. I knew exactly what he was. Demon.

    “Demon” I snarled. His name was actually Demon to, so yeah. He was a demon named Demon. Don’t ask me why. He smiled showing his sharp teeth. My hands lit fire. I knew this would be a fight.

    “Well now hold on just a second” he said. I didn’t move. “Put out the fire and we can calmly talk.” I still didn’t move. A sudden wave of anger seemed to flash over him. With a wave of his hand, I flew to one of the pillars and crumpled to the ground. Ouch. “I said enough” he snarled. He smiled once again happy. Jeez, he was moody. 

    “What the hell do you want?” I asked trying to push myself back up. I couldn’t and fell back to the ground. I tasted blood. 

    “To talk” he stated crossing his arms and cocking out a hip.

    “Well then?” I started. I pushed myself up and sat against the pillar.

    “When were you planning on telling your father about Russia?” he asked.

    “Guess I really wasn’t.” I said wiping blood off the corner of my mouth. He sighed. 

    “What am I going to do with you?” he said as if he was actually worried.

    “You could let me go” I suggested. He smiled wickedly.

    “No not yet. I think that you need to go back to America. Your father is pissed at you and Bridget.” my eyes widened. He knew.

    “But how-” I started before the room spun and I woke up on the couch. That was weird.


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