Heyy, Bridget here. You want information about our story well here it is. Well let me introduce myself, my name is Bridget. I am the daughter of Zeus. Yeah a Demi-God. My partner in crime should be my worst enemy but she isn't. Her name is Tina. She is the daughter of Hades. Yes that Hades. Are you still interest? Well you better be because this is where it gets good. We save the world...Your welcome.


25. Chapter 25

Tina's POV:    
     Dakota had my hand in his and his thumb stroked my knuckles every few seconds. As pathetic as it makes me sound, that small contact made the world to me. I needed it. I looked up as Bridget and Jacob walked in the Diner and sat across from us. Without really saying anything to each other, all 4 of us ordered.

    “so whats gonna happen?” Bridget asked shakily breaking the eery silence over us. I sighed and squeezed Dakotas hand.

    “Well we know we have to see dad-” i started before my voice broke. Damn it what was wrong with me? “-And in order to do that we have to go to hell”

    “So we have to die?” Jacob said in a very worried way.

    “well no. there are passage ways to the ‘gods worlds’ i guess. but unfortunately in order to get to hell you have to be a demi-god. so i have no idea how you two are gonna get in.”

    “what about-” Bridget started before i glared at her.

    “no” i said harshly. Dakota gave me a worried look. “thats not possible Bridget and you know it!” i said much to loudly. some other people looked at me but i ignored them.

    “well why not” she pushed.

    “do you want Jacob to die? do you want him to burn for the rest of eternity? thats worse than dyeing and going to hell and you know it” i spat through my teeth. she looked shocked.

    “well than do you have another way?” she spat back.

    “yes, i let them in myself.” they all looked at me surprised. “i am the only living child of hades and i am to go to his throne when he is killed. so technically i’m... the devil” they stared.

    “Tina why didn't you tell me this before?” Bridget said. 

    “I'm dating the devil...” Dakota said to himself.

    “yeah its so weird. nobody knows but demon... and thats only cause he's a demon.” I looked at Dakota waiting for his reaction. He looked back at me and smiled.

    “i don't care what you are.” he told me kindly. i smiled back at him and leaned up to kiss him. 




    I squeezed Dakotas hand one last time before letting go to step off of the boat to go through the gates of Hell. The stone statues on either side of the gate turned and crossed their spears. A sad defense but it scared the living Hell out of the dead ones. god i suck at making puns. surprisingly enough its harder than you think to get into Hell. The others followed me slowly as i approached the statues.

    “Διατάζω ότι ας περάσει.” i muttered to the Statues. they removed their spears and stepped back into their original positions. “ας να ανοίξουν οι πύλες της κόλασης” the giant iron gates swung open and i glanced back before starting my way in. they each followed slowly. I tried my best to stand taller, look more... like the devil i suppose. believe it or not, hell wasn’t that bad. Dad had his huge house that sat on a sort of hill and looked out to the seas of the suffering. ok so i guess it was that bad. the screams from the people were music to my ears. i couldn’t help it. it was just the way i was. it would make any normal person go into a panic attack. i was far from normal though. i walked the short path to the giant castle like house. i didn’t look back to check on the others. i couldn’t. i knew the looks that would be on their faces. tortured and in pain. the stone statues at this door didn’t give me a second glance before they opened the doors and i walked into the overly large stone room. the columns on either side contained images of suffering and pain. at the end of the room was the throne for the devil. he got it pretty good i have to admit. i started to walk down the red carpet. about half way down i stopped and turned around to see Bridget’s face. she looked calm but i knew she wasn’t.

    “Dakota-” i started holding out my hand. “- come here so my dad wont kill you. he gave me a nervous look then came up and took my hand. Jacob had his arm around Bridget and they looked so perfect together.

    “Tina don’t you have to-” she started before i nodded my head. i let go of Dakotas hand as i looked past the columns and into the very dark hallway behind them.

    “hi dad” i said as the glaring dragon eyes opened to take us in. he growled and untangled himself from the columns and came to the middle of the room so we could see his full form. he was a dragon of course. his wings spread to each side of the room and he tucked in his head giving himself a movie like affect. Dakota started to back up before i caught his hand and glared at him. he needed to stay still. Dad stuck his huge head right in front of me and breathed on me. thanks dad.

    “why are you here Tina” he said. or growled more like it.

    “we need to know about demon dreams. Bridget has been haunted by them for a while now and we froze Demon so it isn’t him. so it must be you.” i said not flinching once. i wasn’t afraid of him. he threw his head back and laughed. i gritted my teeth at him as he sank into his human form.

    “do they even know what you are?” he spat at me. “you can handle this by yourself. your’e just like me and i expect you to be able to handle this.” he looked bored with us. like this happened every day for him.

    “they know enough about me already-” i started before he cut me off with a slap. instead of falling to the ground like a little girl i turned on my heel and kicked him good in the side. he knew i would do it and he was trying to get my blood boiling.

    “they know nothing about you Tina.” he spat at me.

    “and why should they!?” i practically screamed. i looked over at dakota who was wide eyed in fear. my heart rate was getting to high. i was gonna change. i couldn’t. i just couldn’t. i closed my eyes and tried to calm down.

    “show them” my father hissed in my ear. thats what did it. my whole body shook as i felt my muscles grow and my skin change. it didn’t hurt. but it scared me all the same. i didn’t want to hurt anyone. when i the transformation was done i threw my head up to the ceiling and roared to the world above me. i moved my paw out at my father swiping at him and throwing him against the wall. he didn’t even grunt and landed on his feet. i turned slowly to face my friends. the fear in their eyes was indescribable. i lunged at my father pinning him to the ground under my paw. i revealed my rows of teeth to him and roared in his face.

    “why don’t you just tell me about the dreams” i hissed. he didn’t struggle beneath me. he knew it would be pointless.

    “the dreams aren’t coming from me. they are coming from Morpheus. check with him on that.” i let go of him and shrank back down to my human form.

    “thanks” i spat and turned quickly before running out of the room.

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