Heyy, Bridget here. You want information about our story well here it is. Well let me introduce myself, my name is Bridget. I am the daughter of Zeus. Yeah a Demi-God. My partner in crime should be my worst enemy but she isn't. Her name is Tina. She is the daughter of Hades. Yes that Hades. Are you still interest? Well you better be because this is where it gets good. We save the world...Your welcome.


23. Chapter 23

Tina’s POV:

    I was fast asleep in Dakota’s arms when a loud knock on the door drug me out of bed. I slid out of Dakota’s grasp and onto the floor. I slid quietly out of the room and went to the door. I opened it to find Justin standing there. His smile dropped when he realized it was just me though. Heart warming.

    “Is Bridget here?” he asked.

    I raised my eye brow at him and slammed the door closed then threw the dead bolt. I wasn’t gonna deal with him right now. I sort of shuffled back to Dakota’s room. I crawled back into bed with him and cuddled up to his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head.

    “Who was it?” he asked in a deep sleepy voice.

    “Justin. He wanted to talk to Bridget,” I laughed carefully. “so I slammed the door in his face.”

    He laughed into my hair and pulled me closer. “I think we need to get up,” he murmured. I nodded and got out of the bed again. He followed me and slipped into the bathroom. The front door lock clicked and I heard Bridget’s and Jacob’s voices.

    “Tina?” Bridget called. I slipped out of the room and found a scared looking Bridget and Jacob. 

    “Whats wrong guys?” I asked nervously as Dakota came out to join us. 

    “I-its my dream. Its worse-” she burst into sobs and Jacob gathered her into his arms and made shushing noises. I sat down practically shaking. Humans never took dreams seriously but we had to. Our dreams were truth. And if Demon was frozen than we had no idea who or what it was.

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