Heyy, Bridget here. You want information about our story well here it is. Well let me introduce myself, my name is Bridget. I am the daughter of Zeus. Yeah a Demi-God. My partner in crime should be my worst enemy but she isn't. Her name is Tina. She is the daughter of Hades. Yes that Hades. Are you still interest? Well you better be because this is where it gets good. We save the world...Your welcome.


22. Chapter 22

A/N: Heyy fans…I finished this chapter a long time ago…I just have had a lot on my mind and thought that it was posted. Guess not…Im sorry! Well hear it is….Hope you enjoy! Sorry again! ~heyyhihello123


Bridget’s POV:

    I woke up to the smell of bacon. I followed the smell to the kitchen. Dakota was in there making breakfast for us. It looked and smelled so good. 

    Dakota turned around and said, “Good morning! Care for some breakfast?” I nodded and sat down at the small table. Tina walked in, rubbing her eyes. “Good morning, everyone,” she said, sitting down beside me.

    “Good morning, beautiful,” Dakota said to her, handing her a plate. He kissed her hair and went back to cooking. “So, how did you girls sleep?” 

    “Um, great,” I said. I really did sleep great. Surprisingly, since I have had that dream ever since we got here, except last night. 

    Tina interrupted my thoughts and asked me, “Did you have that dream?” I shook my head, not saying anything for I had food in my mouth. I think Demon was behind that dream. I bet in a few days, I will have that dream again. Demon would be unfrozen and taunting me again. I sighed a little to loudly.

    “What’s wrong?” Dakota asked. Tina just shook her head at me, as if not to even go there. I nodded and went back to eating. Dakota was confused, like he had no clue what was going on. 

    I got up and went to the spare bedroom. I sat on the bed and grabbed my phone. I had 1 missed call and 5 text messages. They were probably from Jacob worrying about me. To my surprise, they weren’t from Jacob. No of them were. They were all from an unknown number. I went back into the living to see if Tina or Dakota knew the number.

     I stopped in my tracks when I saw them making-out on the counter like the last time I caught them doing that. I decided to leave them alone and go back to my room. I went through the text messages. They all said one word, “Run.” I think the person was warning me about something about to happen. 

    There was a knock on the door. I thought Tina and Dakota would stop making-out to answer it, but the knocking continued. I got up and went to check the door. I opened it to find Justin, standing there with a bunch of flowers. 

    “Hey,” I said confused of why he was here. “Why are you here?”

    “I can’t stop thinking about you, Bridget.” Was this what the text messages were telling me to run from? “You are so beautiful, graceful, smart,and funny. Will you be mine?”

    I shook my head and said, “No, I can’t and if I could I wouldn’t. We are just friends. I need some friends other than Dakota and Tina. Can we just stay friends?” He throw down the flower that were in his hand, and stormed off. I guess that is a no. I pick up the floors and put them in a vase on the table. Tina and Dakota were making-out, still. “Come on, guys. Go to your room and do that please.” They stopped. Dakota took Tina’s hand and went to his room. 

    I called Jacob. He said he will be here in a few with a movie. I had to prepare   the popcorn and get the TV ready to watch a movie. 

    I can already tell this is going to be a long day.


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