Heyy, Bridget here. You want information about our story well here it is. Well let me introduce myself, my name is Bridget. I am the daughter of Zeus. Yeah a Demi-God. My partner in crime should be my worst enemy but she isn't. Her name is Tina. She is the daughter of Hades. Yes that Hades. Are you still interest? Well you better be because this is where it gets good. We save the world...Your welcome.


21. Chapter 21

Tina’s POV: 

    “So why haven’t you asked about all of this?” I asked Dakota as Thunder followed me into his stall. I gave him a quick brush down and closed him up into his stall.

    “Well-” Dakota started uneasily. “- What am i supposed to say exactly?”

    “Anything you want” I told him flipping the lights off to the stable.

    “Then, what is Thunder? Exactly I mean” He started slowly.

    “Well-” I hesitated. How could i put this? “- he’s a horse, with wings”

    “Like.. a pegasus?”

    “Yeah he can fly and what not. That is why he can jump so high. I found him at an auction and bought him before he was sold for horse slaughter. Since i’m a demigod I could see him for what he was.” I looked at him as he took it in. We climbed back into his car and started to his house. 

    “So.. you have powers I’m assuming?” he took my hand as we drove down the road.

    “Yeah, I can control fire and thats really pretty much it. My father is Hades and Bridget’s dad is Zeus.” I explained cautiously. Would he still trust me?

    “Does Jacob know?”

    “Yeah he just found out” we drove the rest of the way to his house in silence. Bridget was asleep when we walked in and Dakota and I went to his room and got ready for bed. We climbed in together and he held me and kissed me. “So I’m assuming you don’t have a problem with it then?” I asked.

    “No of course not why would I?” he asked. “I guess I really didn’t know why,” I answered with a short kiss and we went to bed.

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