Heyy, Bridget here. You want information about our story well here it is. Well let me introduce myself, my name is Bridget. I am the daughter of Zeus. Yeah a Demi-God. My partner in crime should be my worst enemy but she isn't. Her name is Tina. She is the daughter of Hades. Yes that Hades. Are you still interest? Well you better be because this is where it gets good. We save the world...Your welcome.


16. Chapter 16

Bridget’s POV: 

    Tina told me about what Demon did. I just wanted to call him and cuss him out, and I usually don’t cuss. Yes, I have Demon’s cell number. I have no idea why.

    “Bridget, I am fine,” Tina said after the millionth time. I wasn’t convinced.

    “No, you are not. I called Dakota to stay with you while Jacob and me go out. He said he was happy to come.” Tina was upset with me, but she would get over it. She needs to learn not to go behind my back and do things. 

    A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. I walked over to it. I opened to find Demon standing there. “Hey, Bridget. Is Tina home?” 

    “Why do you care?” I asked him, already knowing what he wanted. 

    “I do care. I care more than you think I do,” he said in a fake caring voice that he always uses on Tina. When they were dating, Tina thought she was in love with Demon. He kept abusing her, and she was fed up. When she broke up with him, he would knock on her door and use the same fake caring voice. She would forgive him and take him back. She has changed ever since they broke up the last time. This is one reason why I am happy she has Dakota.

    “Can I come in?”

    “No. Matter of fact, let me talk to you out here.”

    “For what? I didn’t come to talk to you. I came to talk to Tina.” He was still using that fake caring voice. 

    “Cut the crap, Demon. I know what you are trying to do. You can’t have her anymore. She is taken now by someone way better than you.”

    “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

    “Yeah right.”

    “Whatever,” he said as he turned around and left. Man, he was such a jerk. 

    I walked back into the apartment. “Who was that?” Tina asked me.

    “Um, room service.” I tried to lie for her sake.

    “Yeah right.” 

    “It was.” Another knock on the door. “Who is it?” I asked as I answered the door. It was finally Dakota. “Hey.”

    “Hi. Can I come in?” 

    “Yeah. Come in.” Before closing the door, I poked my head out to see if Demon was there. He wasn’t, so I closed the door and grabbed my jacket. “So we are off. Tina lock the door, and be sweet.”

    “Yes, mother,” she said jokingly. “Go have some fun. I will be okay.” She looked at Dakota and took his hand. I nodded and walked out the door. Jacob followed me out. 


    The date was fun, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Demon. Would he hurt her again? Would he try to push himself back into her life? What was his plan?

    Jacob helped me out of the car, when we got home. “Thank you very much. I had fun,” I told him.

    “No problem. I had fun, too.” he said grabbing my hand. We walked up to my apartment to find the door wide open.

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