The Dangerous Tide


1. Poseidon's - ANGRY!!!!!!

Lying in the sand, the sun on my back. Everything is nice, calm, peaceful and serene. The gentle padding of the waves and the sweet smell of the ocean, seeping into my nose and flooding my senses. The load squawks of the sea-gulls high above the clouds. People swimming in the ocean, laughing and playing. Women lying face first on sun beds, trying to get their tan on. No one had a care in the world at this moment. They certainly didn't know what was in store for them, just over the horizon. In the place where the sky met the sea, a small, but noticeable wave from a far, was brewing in the distance. Gradually getting bigger and bigger as it advanced closer and closer. As soon as the wave became very noticeable, surfers were up and running for the sea, to get a chance to ride the big wave, they swam and swam closer, just to meet it, they didn't know just how dangerous the wave was. They were too far in, they wouldn't get back in time, I knew it as soon as they met the wave. I tried to call out to them, to warn them that this was no ordinary wave because it was anything but. Then It started, the waves of terror, quite literally. It was an event so horrendous, it made the hairs stand up on every civilians in the country. I started trying to warn the surfers again and this time my voice worked. I screamed for them to get out, to swim to the beach and run, all I did was cause a distraction for them. They jolted at the sound of my voice. That was all the wave needed. It came rushing down on the salt and pepper haired surfers. The inward curve of the wave was like a mouth. The white sea-foam horses, once majestic, now looked like a jagged set of crooked teeth, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. These 'fangs' looked as though they sunk into the muscular flesh of the surfer dudes and then spat them out on the other side. They looked like vampires, equipped with pale, white skin and blood, red eyes. The only thing they didn't have was the fangs, it seemed as though the wave got the vampires teeth. The wave continued advancing towards the me on the beach. I couldn't move. I was petrified at what I saw as it was horrific. The once sea-green water was now turned into a poisonous ivy colour, as though it was prepared to kill everything, like it did to those surfers. That's what jolted me. I scrambled backwards up the sandy slope as I never wanted to take my eyes off this monstrous beast in wave form. I went backwards as far as I could, until a wall stopped me in my path. I turned around to see the route I would have to take to climb the wall, only to curse. I looked up and saw a wall easily 10 feet tall and was as smooth as silk which meant that there was no way for me to climb up it. I turned around to meet my doom, only to see that once magnificent in a way wave, splutter out onto the sand, like a small kid pouring his bucket of water onto the ground, to build the moat to his sand castle. I was thoroughly surprised. It meant that I wouldn't have thousands and thousands of gallons of water, cascading down my throat, filling my lungs, no I would survive. I was so happy I did a dance of joy. Only too fall over due to a thunderous rumble in the ground. Now that caught my attention. It was either tectonic plates moving, or if you don't believe in that mumbo jumbo, it was the earth-shaker getting angry. It doesn't matter what it was, all that mattered was the fact that it was bad, it was so bad that it completely destroyed the wall blocking my view. Another shake of the earth garnered my attention. I turned around and saw a massive dust cloud, signalling something had fell. After a couple minutes or so, this dust cloud disapparated and what was left behind was pure carnage. I saw cars racing to the top of a colossal mountain. Underneath the pollutant gas coming out of the cars exhausts', was a depressing sight. Wooden beach house planks were strewn in front of the scattered houses they belonged too. There was childhood memories, wedding dresses, old photos accompanied by their photo albums, designer clothes, old toys and many more things were all spread a cross the ground. I heard one of the last two monstrous rumbles of the ground before I fell. I immediately put my hands out in front of me to break my fall, unfortunately, that wasn't the only thing I broke. As the wall had broke into different chunks, the went next to each other, creating small crevices. My had went straight through the crevice and the jagged edges scraped my arm, causing it to bleed. As a normal human reaction is to pull your arm out straight away, that's exactly what I did, or didn't do. I tried pulling my arm out, only to cause a mound of rocks to fall on top of it as because move one rock out of place, the rest usually fall down, and that's exactly what they did. They land on the outside of my arm, forcing my arm inwards the wrong way. I heard a distinctive crunch which was an indicator for me to signal that I had broken it, the only other indicator being the immense amount of pain I was in. Being me, I didn't learn from my past mistake and once again I found my self trying to move the rocks, and I succeeded. I managed to wiggle my arm out despite the excruciating pain I was feeling. I clambered up the steep mound of rocks and just managed to reach the top as everywhere I stepped little pebbles fell down to the grand, making the bigger chunks of rock threaten to fall. Anyway I was standing at the top of the pile, feeling quite accomplished, when I felt a tiny rumble of the earth, slowly getting more ferocious. Until it was at the point where the pile was going to fall. I new it was a stupid idea and that It wouldn't work, but I had to try. I walked back as far as I dared to. Then I ran forward as fast as I could without hurting my arm, and leaped. I didn't jump far enough. I landed on a loose wobbly rock, which fell out under the pressure I was applying. It caused me to slip and fall down the slope. I hit my head numerous times on the sharp edged rocks, praying non would give out and land on top of me. Of course I was wrong. I reached the bottom and tried staggering up. I failed. But I didn't care as I thought I was home and dry. But I wasn't yet. I heard stone on stone, then looked up to see tons of rock free falling through the sky. I tried crawling out of the way, but I knew I wouldn't get out of the way in time. I just gave up, my last thought were " oh shhii.." before the chunks of limestone landed on me...

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