Horse School

The story is about a girl, who is going to a boarding school and she is bringing her horse, Storm with her. The girl is called Juno, and she has a bigger sister, that had been there the year before, and older brother, at the boy's part of the huge school. Read to find out about Juno's adventures at her new boarding school.


2. Unpacking

As Sara and I walked towards Sandger, I looked around the campus. The sidewalk curved and twisted towards the campus. The stable was in the quiet corner of the campus on the woods. Two paths lead towards the campus, one to guys’ dorms and one to girls’ dorms. Another one lead to the rest of the campus. Many of the other students were walking along the paths with their things. Sara and I walked as we talked about the horses and riders at the stable. “So Griffon is a champ cross-country horse?” I asked Sara about the gorgeous grey gelding. “Yeah, he has champion race horse blood in him to,” She said. “He is everything you want in a thoroughbred and some.” “What do Chex and Jess do? I asked looking at her. “They do cross-country too,” She replied. Chex is an Oldenburg. I think she is the only one in the stable” “Sand-King is so an appendix. His form and conformation show it,” I said as she looked at me. “Right. They do hunter-hack at shows but Alicia and him can do anything,” she said looking at a squirrel running across the sidewalk with a big nut in its mouth.

“Do you know anyone here?” I asked going completely away from the topic. “Hannah, Jess and Alicia and me all went to camp together,” she said catching onto my change of topic. “How about you?” “Three of the football players and one rider” I said. “Really?! Who?!” she asked with her eyes getting bigger. “The one on the riding team is my sister. On the football team I know Joe, my older brother and two of the sixth graders.” “What two do you know?” she asked trying not to look interested but sounded that way. “I know-“ “Hey Ju!” said a guy behind us. “Mark Johnson and Ty Paton,” I mumbled. “You know them?!” Sara whispered in my ear.

 As I turned around I saw two guys standing in front of us. I recognized them instantly. Mark Johnson, a really annoying guy, I grew up with, and Ty Paton, a guy I met because of our dads work together. Ty worked with my mom to train rescue horses. He helped me train Storm a bit, too. Mark, on the other hand, grew up in the town part of Willow Creek. They both rode but were better off playing football. “Hi,” I said very short. “Hey” said Sara. “Hello” Ty said looking at his feet as he shuffled around. “Where are you off to?” Mark asked, mostly towards Sara. Winchester. How about you guys?” Sara asked smiling. Rockefeller,” Mark said. “Well, don’t want to keep you,” I said pushing for them to leave. “Kay see you around,” Mark said walking away with Ty right behind him. “I can’t believe you know them,” Sara said looking after them. “I know what you mean, they are so stupid,” I replied as we walked down towards Winchester. “No, they are sooooo hot!” Sara said looking at me as if I had just shot the president or something. “They are anything but that. When you get to know them you will see that too,” I said. “We’ll see,” Sara sighed. We were quiet for the rest of the walk. I admired the beautiful campus. A couple of girls were running towards each other on the grass. Some guys were throwing a Frisbee around. The campus was filled with noise; lots of friends reuniting after the summer holiday.

As we approached Winchester I saw how gorgeous it was. Two girls were walking up the steps with suitcases and were laughing like they had never been apart. I could hear the other girls inside when the opened the doors. Sara and I stepped up to the first step and hesitated. We were waiting to see who would make the first move. What if the walls where white and there were no paintings? How would I survive? I always had pictures hanging on my walls. Before either of us moved a girl with red hair stepped up next to me. She waited with us for what felt like forever. I moved up a step at the same time as the girl and Sara. We looked at each other and walked up the stairs together. I opened the door and walked in. it was nothing like I expected. The walls were a beautiful shade of blue. Not too light, not too dark. There was a common room right off the main hallway with chairs and sofas. There was a small office with ‘Sophia’ written on it. There were a couple of girls sitting in the common room. I could hear mom talking on the other side of the door to Sophia’s office. “Oh no, mom is talking again,” I said to no one in particular. There were other voices in there too. “Same here,” sighed the girl next to me. “Oh no, my mom is in there too,” Sara said. “Well, before I die, my name is Lexi,” said the girl next to me. “I’m Sara,” said Sara. “I’m Juno.” That was me. “Cool,” Lexi said looking at our boots. “You guys ride?”

“Yeah, we just came from the stables,” Sara answered. “Do you own horses or do you use the stable ones?” Lexi asked. “We both have our own,” I replied. “I have always wanted to ride, but mom said it was too unpredictable,” Lexi said mocking her moms tone, I’m guessing. “It can be but-“ I was cut off by my phone going off. It was a message from Kris. ‘Where are you? Mom’s freaking out!’ “Got to go. Mom is freaking out,” I said. “Same,” Sara said looking at her phone. “Me too,” Lexi said. “See you later?” “Def,” Sara said. We split up and headed to our rooms. I looked at all the pictures of girls riding or with horses. Most of the doors were opened. Girls were running in and out and unpacking their thing. As we approached our room, Sara and I saw what our moms had done.

There were posters on the wall of rainbows and flowers. There was a big pink flower pillow on the couch. I half expected to look at our beds and see Dora stuffed animals. “Mom what did you do?” Sara said obviously in shock.  “We decorated it for you girls,” said Mrs. Harper. “Thanks, it looks… great,” I said looking around “I’m glad you like it,” Mom said. “Sara can I see you in the hall for a minute?” I asked. “Sure?” Sara said looking at me sideways. When we got out in the hall I closed the door to keep our moms out of the conversation. “OMG! I am sooooo sorry for mom. I should have warned you. She hates horses and dirt and outside and everything besides fashion and clothes,” She said without taking a breath. “It’s okay. My mom likes to think I am six too. I just wanted to tell you that my sister told me this would happen. Her roommate was bringing all her stuff. My sister has all of my stuff, like my horse posters, the rug I got, all my bedding, and some other stuff,” I said. “I did that too,” Sara said with a smile. “My friend has my stuff.” “So great minds think alike,” I said smiling. We went back inside to find our moms talking about us.

“Oh, Sara has always liked those horses and such. She would run off to the stable down the street. Finally we had to get her a horse. That was all she wanted for Christmas. We would always ask her what wanted for Christmas and all she answered was ‘Jack’. I always thought she was just watching them at the stable until one day, I walked down to see her and she was on one of those horses. I guessed it was Jack she was on. It was a good thing for her instructor because we knew nothing about horses,” Mrs. Harper went on. “Juno has always liked horses, too. We had to lock all the doors to keep her from running out and riding before dawn. Some how, she always found a way out. She seems to have something special with them. The abused ones seem to trust her. She seems to take after me more, but I see a lot of her father in her, too. They are stubborn, hardheaded and very strong headed. I will tell her something and she will correct me. The thing that makes me really mad is when she’s right,” Mom explained. “Well… We wouldn’t want to keep you all here so…” Sara pushed. “Yeah, mom don’t you need to go and check on Kris and Joe?” I asked pushing them even more. “We were kind of hoping to meet some of the other girls here, and, well, we love you all but…” Sara said looking around the room. “We get it; you both want us to leave you alone. We can take the hint. Let’s meet in the cafeteria in an hour and a half,” Mom said. “Okay see you then,” Sara and I exclaimed at the same time.

“All right, bye,” said our moms smiling. After they left we decided to take all the things down and put them in boxes. “So is it true what your mom said?” Sara asked. “Yeah, I would sneak out my window and slide down a low part of the roof and run into the barn and grab a horse and go out riding. I would first be back at seven for breakfast,” I replied while packing the stuff into boxes. “Is what your mom said was true?” “Yeah, I told her I was just watching. I had been riding for six months before she saw me. I worked at the stable in exchange for lessons,” Sara said. “Cool,” I said. “I kind of taught myself how to ride. Dad taught me Western riding. The first saddle I ever rode in was a Western saddle. I started bareback, thought.” We were interrupted by a knock on the door. “Should we open it or hide in the closet?” Sara asked only half kidding.

“How about you open the door and let in the really nice girls that hid all your junk in their closets!” a voice on the other side of the door said. “Okay fine,” I said smiling. I opened the door and found Kris and another girl standing with lots of boxes. “Come on in.” “It was about time,” Kris mumbled. “Thanks Lexis. You guys want to stay and help? We have just finished taking down all of the…………………... decorating our moms did,” Sara said. “We would love to, but we have to decorate our own room first,” The girl, Lexis said. “Okay have fun. Oh and BTW the moms are on the lurk,” I warned them as they left our room. We opened the boxes and examined the stuff. We had discussed via e-mail and phone, our room colours. Sara wanted a lime green and I wanted a true blue as I called it. The colours looked perfect together. Sara had lime green and white swirled bedding, a multi textured board (the same thing I had but she had a corkboard, white board and bulletin board mix). She also had many containers to put on her desk. I pulled out my favourite bedding, blue with horses on it. I also pulled out lots of writing equipment and my desk lamp, and the floor lamp I got as a present once. “This is looking great,” Sara said looking at our stuff. Our moms had put in a mini-fridge, clothes, desks and living area furniture.

Forty-five minutes later our room was perfect. Our living area had a couch, two beanbag chairs and a coffee table covered in Dover catalogues and horse magazines. Our beds were right across from each other. Our desks were on the right side of our beds. The mini kitchen in the left corner of the room was stocked with crisps and cola. I was on the right side of the room and Sara was on the left. “It finally feels like home,” She said looking at all of our hard work. I didn’t say anything. I knew we were thinking the same: this is our home, and we are happy to be here.

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