Amnesia - The Waking

When 15 year old Cal Johnson wakes up with few memories, it's up to him to get them back. He must go through a series of dark tests in order to gain his memory back - but in the end, will it really matter?

If you enjoy suspenseful, on-the-edge-of-the-cliff thrilling stories, than this book is for you. Some parts can get gruesome so that's why I rated it Mature.


1. Waking

It was a cold day...


I think...




"I'm Cal Johnson..." I manage to say, as it seems my left leg is bleeding thoroughly, making it hard to move myself around.


I can't remember anything, except for my age and my name. I've been stuck in this grimy cell bleeding for God knows how long... but I'm Cal Johnson. I'm 15, and I think someone is trying to kill me.


I let my head fall down on the floor. It didn't really matter anymore - I'm probably going to die anyways. Let's just let whatever the  hell is on this floor get into my hair, right? I gently lay my head down. There's something sticky on my hair... is that... never-mind that matter...


A guard walks by the door, which is one of the few light sources I have. He looks at me, opens up the cells' door and grabs me by my wrists. I could hardly move my legs - they were numb. The guard knees me in the stomach for being so slow... if only I could manage. I get up, and continue walking along the guard, where he then puts handcuffs on me. He grabs out a checklist, and a small light so he can see his way around - only then did I realize we were going down.


When the light flicked on, I could see how skinny my body was. I could notice my ribcage, for a change. We walked by a mirror - what kind of prison has one of those? My eyes are droopy, my skin is pale, and my hair seems to have lost most of it's colour. My mouth dry, it feels like just a drop of water would be heaven.


He throws me down onto the ground, and leaves the room. I hear a door slam and lock behind me. - I'm in a room; it's a large room, circular, and is made of stone, other than the Plexiglas windows.

Wait... Plexiglas windows? I sprint towards them. My leg is in even more pain then before. I look out. It seems that I'm in a forest somewhere. High up, too. Considering I normally can't see the top of the trees from above it. Anyways, I notice a small briefcase in this large room. I run towards the briefcase, anxious to see what the inside may unravel to be.


When I open the suitcase, the unimaginable happens...

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