Amnesia - The Waking

When 15 year old Cal Johnson wakes up with few memories, it's up to him to get them back. He must go through a series of dark tests in order to gain his memory back - but in the end, will it really matter?

If you enjoy suspenseful, on-the-edge-of-the-cliff thrilling stories, than this book is for you. Some parts can get gruesome so that's why I rated it Mature.


2. Briefcase

[]][[]][[] Main Author's Note []][[]][[]

When I go into italic font, which looks like this, It means that the character is thinking, or things are going through his head.


A gun.


A gun, with a mag loaded into it and another magazine beside it. Also a flask - empty. Just perfect.


I quickly gather what I can, and I eventually hear gears turning. Something wasn't right.

I snatch the briefcase up. There was a weight pressure plate under it - when the gun, magazine, and flask were removed from the briefcase it triggered it and now something was moving. Where I was standing, unlike before, I didn't notice a square-tile pattern in the room. The square under me burst into pieces, followed by many other pieces of shattered stone. It was raining stone. I feel a small piece of stone, followed by dust get into my leg - only now do I notice how deep the cut actually is. It looks dry, right now, but when I hit the water down below...



I stiffen up, prepared for a fall. My legs tighten, despite the pain I may be in. My arms flex and lock into place, as if I couldn't move them even if a crane pulled them.


I prepare for pain - which surprisingly doesn't happen. I land in a chute - no water. It manages to take off most of the pain. I begin sprinting - only to hear the sound of alarms. Where have I been? What's going on?


Stop asking questions. I tell myself.


I begin sprinting down a dark, mysterious hallway that seems like it will never end.


Until it did.





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