The War That Cooked Your Dinner

Dinner is served, with the slight twist of battle and sprinkled with conflict to top it off. Enjoy.
This is the war that you never knew. The war that has gone on for centuries and now, it has been revealed. The war that cooked your dinner.
(a story for mere enjoyment of writing)


1. “Ateeeeeenn-tion!”

The potatoes and tomatoes were lined up on the checkered table. The radish stood at the far end of the table, either side of it were recently peeled carrots.The radish called out in a loud, crackly voice, “Ateeen-tion!” Both the potatoes and tomatoes righted themselves into stiff postures and saluted. The carrots nodded in stern approval and strode out between the two lines of vegetables, that is, if you call a tomato a vegetable.

The round, red faced radish waddled behind its carrots; halting half way down the line.

“Men!”, it hollered, facing its orange subordinates as its double chin wagged. Then waved its hand in a dismissive manner below its would-be-waist.

“At ease.” said the highest ranking carrot. He already had four grooves cut into his left side. The potatoes and tomatoes relaxed, but did not slouch. General Radish, turned his attention to the other vegetables. "My soldiers!" he addressed them, "Today we must fight again. Today we have a battle to take on! Today!" he paused for dramatic effect, "we win the war!!!" He raised his tiny, red fist into the air. There sounded a mute, single applause from the far back of the table. The radish spun around in utter surprise.

Standing on the very edge of the table, stood a small, glossy cherry. "Eyzza come to start da war." He threw-up two small seeds, with red blinking lights, into his palms and grinned.

In that very instant all protocol and military manners were tossed aside and fear for one's life kicked in with such force, that all the vegetables went fleeing in terror. The cherry laughed hysterically and charged after the veggies.



There was a large explosion seen far off in the distance. "What was that?" asked one of the walnuts, tightening his belt. Big Mr. Coconut turned slowly around and examined the explosion. Tapping his chin, he answered, "It seams to be a cherry-bomb."


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