The War That Cooked Your Dinner

Dinner is served, with the slight twist of battle and sprinkled with conflict to top it off. Enjoy.
This is the war that you never knew. The war that has gone on for centuries and now, it has been revealed. The war that cooked your dinner.
(a story for mere enjoyment of writing)


2. A battle plan-kin

When the war began, the vegetables were not prepared. 

Whilst the potatoes and tomatoes were getting drilled by the radish, other vegetables were in deep discussion. Eggplant, celery, and pumpkin stood around an upturned glass bowl. The eerie light that wiggled its way through the thin tea towel of a roof bounced off of the bowl, shattering light onto the bent forks that held up the roof. Celery stepped forward and stroked his leafy hair that fell below his mouth forming into some sort of rough beard.

"We have been losing this war for the past six days," he scowled at the number, "we can't let this continue. It is a disgrace!" He slammed his palm down on the bowl.

"Hear hear!" Sounded the others in unison.

Pumpkin stepped up, staggering a bit under her own weight. She plucked a few seeds from her apron and laid them on the bowl. "We need a battle plan-kin. Before they wipe more of us out-kin." She began organizing each group of seeds allotting them a group of soldiers from their forces. Celery nodded in agreement only correcting her here and there with a better placement of their troops.

Midway through their discussion, eggplant cleared his throat. The other members stood back from the bowl as he approached in his methodic sway. He had a slow, distinct slur when he spoke that entitled everyone to strain their ears in order to understand his words. 

"Wey arr da ... so feww ... so feww men on ... da fild?" He rocked to a stop before the battle plans. "We cain spar ... spar moor." Pumpkin thought for a moment, pondering his thoughts.

"Humm-kin. You have a point-kin." She waved her speckled hand over a cluster of seeds, "We alway have more tomatoes to spare-kin. No one trusts them anyway....-kin."

Celery took a deep breath and spoke the words that were on everyone's mind, "Are they even vegetables or fruit??"

At that very moment, a cheese burst through the door to the tea towel tent, out of breath.

"They have started!" He screamed, "The cheeries began the war!"

Pumpkin crossed her arms "Damn them-kin! They beat us-kin!" 

"It's not that bad." Smiled the cheese wanly, his energy spent. "I mean, they lost their cherry's, no one is left there to 'cheer'-y them up."

Eggplant, celery, and pumpkin all glared at the cheese. He recoiled his smile and zipped back out of the tent, mumbling an apology.
Beatrice the tomato met him outside. "You're so cheesy," she said.

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