The Best Three Days Of My Life

Jake is just your average 15 year old. He isn't very well liked and people just make him sick. But, when new girl Clarisse shows him some kindness, will he change? Or is heartbreak going to swing another blow to his pride?


10. Sleepover

At six fifteen, Paige had fallen asleep in Michael’s arms, so they came back early. Michael’s dad smiled and took her up to bed while the three teenagers went up to get changed and grabbed their bags. By twenty five past they were all downstairs in their pyjamas, ready to watch the first movie. They shared a take-out pizza and watched film after film after film. The time slipped by and before they knew it, it was two in the morning. Clarisse yawned and Jake could see that she was struggling to stay awake, despite the people being ripped limb from limb on the TV screen in front of them all. Soon Clarisse was asleep, miraculously still sitting up, and the two boys felt it was probably time to call it quits. Michael got up to turn off the TV as quietly as he could but he had disrupted the blow up mattress and she leaned sideways, with her head on Jake’s shoulder. They tried so hard to hold in their giggles. Carefully, Jake lowered her down so she was lying on the mattress and they lay down as well. There was a sofa, but it was awkward to sleep on, and the mattress was plenty big enough for the three of them. It didn’t take long before all three were sleeping soundly. * Jake pushed himself up. Michael and Clarisse were both sitting on the mattress and talking. He got up and walked to the bathroom with his toothbrush and paste. Then he saw his reflection. There, on his forehead, read: “Dickhead” He stomped back to the living room and stared down his friends, who could hold their laughter in no longer. He tried to stay angry but, seeing his friends in the state they were in, he too began to laugh. He returned to the bathroom and washed the writing off his face before brushing his teeth. Clearly, Michael and Clarisse had already used the bathroom. They watched another film as they munched on cereal and toast. It was soon time to go, however, so Jake and Clarisse set off back home. Bags on their backs, they walked together, talking and laughing. She was so sweet and childlike. Jake wondered why anyone could possibly want to hurt her. True, she was never physically hurt by Evan and Megan (Andrew couldn’t hurt a fly), but the abuse they gave her was verbal. And it likely hurt just as much as any punch, if not more.
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