The Best Three Days Of My Life

Jake is just your average 15 year old. He isn't very well liked and people just make him sick. But, when new girl Clarisse shows him some kindness, will he change? Or is heartbreak going to swing another blow to his pride?


8. Remind Me Never To Do That Again

The next day, Jake, Abby and Jake’s parents sat eating breakfast. It was a cold, misty morning and the windows were all covered in condensation. Jake’s dad soon rushed off for work, leaving just the three of them.

“So, has Jake told you about Clarisse?” Abby asked, faking innocence.

“Oh yes, that’s the new girl at your school. You two are friends, right?” Jake’s mother turned the page of the newspaper noisily.

Abby seemed a little disappointed. She was probably hoping to stir up trouble, but his mum had met the girl a few times and it was clear that nothing was going on. Of course, Abby was hoping to make up some story, but she seemed at a loss for words. Jake shot her a smirk as he took his empty bowl to the kitchen.


As soon as Abby had left that afternoon, Jake lingered in the doorway to the living room where his mum was watching the news.

“Okay, you can go to your friends for Halloween.” She smiled.

He gave a quiet cheer and walked back up to his room to do his homework, smiling as he solved the equations on his worksheet. Halloween was going to be so fun.

Buzz. Buzz.

Jake jumped onto his bed and grabbed his phone from the bedside table.

“clarisse and I are at the park if you wanted to come hang out”

He bounced back down the stairs and pulled his trainers on.

“Just going to the park.” He called to his mum as he left the house.

The park wasn’t too far from his house so he was there in no time. When he got there, he saw Michael pushing Clarisse on the swings, the type made for young children. It was a surprise that any fifteen year old could get in one of them, but she managed just fine. She was shrieking with laughter.

Michael stopped pushing her and the swing stopped at around the same time Jake reached the two of them.

“Hey.” The girl smiled as she attempted to pull herself out of the seat. She tried as hard as she could to hoist herself out but she simply lacked the upper body strength.

“Do you want help?” Mike laughed.

She stopped writhing around and hung her head as she whispered “Yes please.”

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her out as if she weighed nothing. Once her feet were back on the ground he let go of her. Her face was red.

“Remind me never to do that again.”

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