The Best Three Days Of My Life

Jake is just your average 15 year old. He isn't very well liked and people just make him sick. But, when new girl Clarisse shows him some kindness, will he change? Or is heartbreak going to swing another blow to his pride?


2. Not A Single Friend

“It wasn’t like I hurt him bad; I just wanted to piss him off.” Jake grumbled as he sat with his friend, Michael, in the classroom.

Michael was tall, with smooth black hair and a freckly, square face. In most aspects, he was a lot like Andrew; he could fit in anywhere. He had been friends with Jake since they were 11, and he was probably the only real friend he had ever had.

“Still, you should try and avoid fighting with him.” He sighed, scribbling in his new notebook.

Jake huffed and leant back on his chair by the window. He stuffed a tissue to his bloody nose and looked around the empty room. He and Mike often went to registration early just to sit and chat.

That was when a girl walked through the door.

She was pretty short and quite pale too. Her black hair was long and wavy, with midnight blue highlights here and there. Her eyes were blue too, and she was staring at a piece of paper in her hand, probably her timetable.

She stood hesitantly in the doorway for a moment before walking in. Her eyes swept across the rows of empty desks, and then they stopped on Jake.

She came over to him and stood awkwardly by his desk.

“Can I help you?” Jake asked, probably more aggressive than he should have as she backed away a little and looked down.

“I-I was just wondering what happened to your nose, it looks pretty bad.” Her voice was quiet and scared. Poor girl, she was probably new.

He was just about to apologise and tell her what had happened when who else should come in but Evan, Megan and Andrew.

The three looked over to the new girl and beckoned her over. They had clearly already met.

She turned to leave and walked a few steps, before running back to get her timetable off of Jakes table. Her face was red with embarrassment as she scurried back off to sit next to Andrew.

Jake shook his head in wonder and pulled out his own timetable. He had maths first. Great.

Then everyone else came bustling in, chattering about whatever amazing things they had done on holiday. Corey Spring was by far the loudest of them all, talking about all the hot girls he met in Italy.

Corey was definitely one of the most annoying boys Jake had ever met. This boy was in love. Not in love with a girl; in love with his own reflection. He had brown hair, which he thought looked really sexy pushed back and boring brown eyes.

When the teacher finally showed up, he rushed through the register.

“Annie?” He called for the fifth time.

“She’s outside, sir.”

Sure enough, a red bob was visible in the playground, slowly making its way to the school building. Typical Annie, she was the most lazy, depressive girl you could ever meet. She hated everyone she met and if you tried to talk to her she would just stare at you and walk away. There must’ve been a reason for it, but since she never spoke no one ever knew.

Jake kind of felt sorry for her. Annie didn’t have a single friend.

Before she had even made it to the building, the bell went and everyone picked up their bags and headed to their next lessons.

Jake and Michael lagged behind, at the back of the gaggle of students.

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