The Best Three Days Of My Life

Jake is just your average 15 year old. He isn't very well liked and people just make him sick. But, when new girl Clarisse shows him some kindness, will he change? Or is heartbreak going to swing another blow to his pride?


5. Courage

It had been a few weeks since the start of term, and Evan just got more and more obnoxious. How much anger could be squeezed inside one 15 year old boy? A lot, apparently.

Yet another fist came hurtling towards him, landing him hard on the jaw. Of course, Jake was fighting back; he yanked the boy’s hair, punched him, kicked him, anything he could think of.

Andrew and Megan where nowhere to be seen. He was probably in the library, and she was probably making out with Joshua Daniels behind the bike shed.

“Evan! Stop it!”

The two boys stopped and whipped around.

Clarisse was standing in the empty hallway behind them. Her legs were just over shoulder width apart, and her knees pointed inward. Her hands were clenched into fists at her sides and her entire body shook with what Jake assumed was a mix of fear and anger.

Evan dropped Jakes shirt and walked up to her. He was much taller than her, but still she didn’t back down.

“Why should I?”

“He never did anything to you!” She yelled, “He’s my friend!”

No one ever stood up to Evan like that. It was an even more impressive feat when you remember that this was an extremely shy little girl. Jake suddenly found a lot of respect for her.

“Sure, he’s never done a damn thing to me.” Evan mumbled sarcastically before spitting in Jakes face and taking his leave.

“Sorry about him.” The girl squeaked as she ran off in a different direction.

How much courage could be squeezed into one small 15 year old girl? Apparently a fair bit…

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