The Best Three Days Of My Life

Jake is just your average 15 year old. He isn't very well liked and people just make him sick. But, when new girl Clarisse shows him some kindness, will he change? Or is heartbreak going to swing another blow to his pride?


7. Abby

“kill me now” Jake typed onto his phone and hit enter. Jake’s cousin, Abby, was spending the weekend at his house, and god was he dreading it. She was 13, had blonde hair, green eyes, was stout, and annoying as fuck. What had gone wrong in his mum and dad’s minds to make them believe that it was a good idea for her to stay in his room? “Who ya texting?” She jumped onto the side of his bed and leaned over in a ridiculous effort to see his phone. It didn’t take much effort to pull it away from the reach of her stubby little arms. She pouted and sat on the pull out bed beneath Jake’s. He rolled his eyes just as his phone buzzed. “sorry x” was Clarisse’s reply. “Ooh! Who’s Clarisse? Is she your girlfriend? Is she pretty?” Abby tried once again to snatch the phone from his hand. “Mind your own business!” He felt his cheeks heat up as he held the phone away from her once again. To think it had been a month since Clarisse had started hanging around with the two boys… It had made a difference, everyone could see it. Evan and his posse had seemed to falter and step back a little, Clarisse had started to come out of her shell a little, and Jake was always in a better mood. At least, he was before Abby showed up. What was the time now? He glanced at the time at the top of his phone. 22:13, weren’t little 13 year-olds meant to be asleep by, like, nine? Whatever the case, Abby seemed especially hyper. “Go to sleep, midget.” He shoved his phone under his pillow should his cousin decide to go snooping and rolled over, turning off the bedside lamp. “Can you turn that back on? I don’t like the dark.” She said just as Jake was about to try to get to sleep. He gritted his teeth and fumbled around for the switch, remembering his mother’s words. “Be nice to Abby for once, otherwise I’m not letting you go to Michael’s for that Halloween thing you wanted to do.” Blackmail. The three friends had planned to go to Michael’s for the night. They were going to go trick-or-treating with his little sister, Paige, first but after that they were having a scary movie marathon. They had all decided to get matching costumes as well. Paige was going to be Alice from Alice In Wonderland, Michael thought it would be fun to be the white rabbit, Clarisse wanted to be the Cheshire cat, and Jake was going to be the mad hatter. The way things looked now, it might not happen. Abby had tested his patience far too much and she’d only been there for a few hours. Halloween was exactly one week away. He didn’t want Abby to ruin his plans. He drifted off fairly quickly, and dreamt of his own, crazy little wonderland…
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