She's not afraid

Delilah Murks is a talented girl. She has everything a girl could ever want except her pefect match. It's not because she has t tried its because she's afraid of her heart being Broken again. But can the Liam Payne change the mind of a girl who's afraid of falling inlove


1. Meet me..... Delilah

Hey everybody, I'm Delilah let me tell you a bit about myself. I have natural dirty blonde hair , baby blue eyes, I have a puppy names Willow and a turtle named Shelly, I had a brother but he died in the war, my best friend is Niall as in Niall Horan for One Direction. I have a high metabolism and I'm a model but definitely not as shallow as most would think. Well I gotta go Niall wants me to meet the boys ..... Oh and you should know I don't fall in love anymore bye lovelies
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