She's not afraid

Delilah Murks is a talented girl. She has everything a girl could ever want except her pefect match. It's not because she has t tried its because she's afraid of her heart being Broken again. But can the Liam Payne change the mind of a girl who's afraid of falling inlove


6. Her ex is a dick


We were kissing which turned into snogging until we got torn apart by.....

Liam's pov:

We got torn apart by a fiery red guy about my age. He started yelling about how Delilah was a whore slut and every name in the book. Then he turned to me and before I could say anything he punched me right in the jaw knocking me to the floor. "You shouldn't have done that buddy!" I said. I began punching him and kicking him until the lads ran down stairs ( I guess they left while Delilah and I were snogging) and tore us apart. Niall looked so mad he yelled "GET OUT AND NEVER COME BACK YOU DICK BEFORE I CALL THE POLICE!" The guy then ran out of the house after Niall said that. "Who was that?!" I said while panting. "That was the reason I don't fall in-love," Delilah said putting her head down like a she was in trouble or ashamed. "Love don't hang your head down there is nothing to be ashamed of so please show me your beautiful eyes," i pleaded with her which seemed to work because she lifted her head up. "It's just," Delilah stuttered, "It's just that Kyle used to be so sweet (no offence to anyone named Kyle) I never thought that he would or anything he ever did." And with that she started crying. "What happened love?" I asked partly wanting to know but at the same time not wanting her to cry. "Can Sierra explain it she knows the most," Delilah said and with that Sierra told us a story that no woman should have to go through.

Delilahs pov (flashback:

I was with Niall because Kyle was still at work and we were sharing a blanket while watching The Hangover and right when they suddenly realized the groom was missing Kyle walked in the house. Once he saw me and Niall you could tell he was enraged. "Niall could you go home please Delilah and i have important things to discuss," he said emphasizing important. "Of course bye little Lilah i'll see you tomorrow later Kyle," Niall said politely and left . As soon as the door shut Kyle struck me hard in my cheek. "YOU LITTLE BITCH HOW COULD YOU CHEAT ON ME WITH THAT GAY ASS LEPRECHAUN!" Kyle shouted causing me to flinch. "I didn't cheat on you Kyle Niall is a friend you should know that since your his friend too,"I said trying to clam him down. "NO YOU ARE CHEATING ON ME I CAN TELL BECAUSE HE WAS HERE WHEN YOU KNEW I HAD TO WORK BUT THAT'S OKAY YOU SLUT BECAUSE I'VE BEEN CHEATING ON YOU SINCE THE WE STARTED LIVING TOGETHER!" Kyle shouted and then started beating and hitting me. And when he began to hit harder in the same place I began to cry. "SHUT UP YOU WHORE YOU KNOW THAT YOU DESERVE WORSE SO SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH," Kyle screamed and when I wouldn't stop he grabbed me by the hair threw me on the floor and raped me.

                                     (End of Flashback) (still Delilah's pov)

"How long did this go of for?" Liam asked me with pleading eyes. I sighed and said "About three weeks until Niall and Sierra walked in and called the police on him for abuse and domestic violence," I stated with a shaky voice. Soon after I said that the room was quiet and Liam was holding me in his arms.


(So know you know why I don't fall in love but maybe it will change but probably not)


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