She's not afraid

Delilah Murks is a talented girl. She has everything a girl could ever want except her pefect match. It's not because she has t tried its because she's afraid of her heart being Broken again. But can the Liam Payne change the mind of a girl who's afraid of falling inlove


2. Delilah meet the boys

Delilah's pov:

"Lilah come here I want you to meet some friends of mine," Niall shouted. 

"This better be important,"I mumbled getting out of bed. I walked to the stairs and started jogging and shouting to Niall that the reason he woke me up better be good. I finally got to the door and I see all of One Direction in my doorway. "Niall you should have told me they were here I could have changed into something that doesn't have their faces on it," I shouted. While 4/5 of One Direction started laughing Liam was blushing at my top that says "Liam's boo" on it.

" Anyways I'm Harry, I'm your favorite leprechaun Niall, I'm Liam, I'm Louis, and I'm Zayn, and were One Direction!" They all said together. "Nice to meet almost all of you," I said still embarrassed about my pjs. "What's your name love," Liam said kindly. "Oh yeah sorry my names Delilah and I'm going to go change," I said running up the stairs. I changed into a shirt that says "I <3 food" and acid wash skinny jeans with candies wedges and walked down stairs to hear Liam talking to Niall but just as I was about to ask Louis yelled,"Let's play truth or dare!" Hmmm I guess I will ask them later.


(Authors note: hey hope you guys enjoyed she's not afraid so far and there's a competition for the girlfriends of the boys Delilah's girl best friend and Liam's ex)

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