She's not afraid

Delilah Murks is a talented girl. She has everything a girl could ever want except her pefect match. It's not because she has t tried its because she's afraid of her heart being Broken again. But can the Liam Payne change the mind of a girl who's afraid of falling inlove


8. Date with Liam <- Delilah's outfit


Delilah's pov:

I was getting ready for my date with Liam when Niall barged in my room letting Willow out and said "I got you two things one for your date and another so you can remember who helped get you two the perfect date me," and then Niall handed me a necklace with a clover that has the Irish flag colors and Niall's name on it."Can you put it on for me Niall?" I asked giving him puppy eyes. "Of course little Lilah," Niall said and then tossed me a sweatshirt that says I (heart) Liam. As soon as I read it I giggled and put it on carefully so my hair wasn't messed up. "So why aren't you in a dress?" Niall asked. "Well," I said dragging out the L,"Liam told me to dress casual so yeah." I tied my shoe strings and when I finished I heard Louis say with extra sass "Your man is here girly so get you bootay out here!" I ran down stairs as fast as I could without falling on my face. "Wow and here I thought you couldn't get any more beautiful but boy was I wrong'" Liam said causing my face to turn redder than a firetruck."Now I want her back by 10 O'clock Liam and no funny business!" Niall said acting like a parent but failing miserably. "Yes sir,"Liam said making me laugh.

         Liam's pov:

When we left I opened the passenger side door of my car for Delilah and as I shut it I heard her say "Why thank you kind gentlemen," which made me chuckle.


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