She's not afraid

Delilah Murks is a talented girl. She has everything a girl could ever want except her pefect match. It's not because she has t tried its because she's afraid of her heart being Broken again. But can the Liam Payne change the mind of a girl who's afraid of falling inlove


4. authors note

Hey guys so I still need the guys girlfriends which includes

Niall's gf:

Harry's gf:

Louis's gfs:

Zayn's gf:

And Liams ex:

Another best friend can be added I just need a name eye color hair color if u wanna be tall or short and if so height and personality and the guy u wanna be with.!.

And last thing don't be afraid to leave comments if you think it could be better let me know so I can make it better. I really would enjoy your opinions bad or not :) bye loveys - Delilah

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